Sure, we all love technology, but even devices that bring you wireless Internet need to plug in somewhere and they’re not exactly a pretty accent piece for your décor. I’ve gathered a few great projects found on the interwebs and Pinterest (I can’t let McLean have all the fun!) for helping your tech look a tad more tidy—and possibly even stylish!

For example, hiding your router like this looks both subtle, and awesome:

Wireless router hidden by book

I like this idea because it leaves room for air circulation (although some small spacers between the book the router wouldn’t be a bad idea) keeps the antenna open.

A twist on this same idea is to use a binder like in Buzzfeed’s instructions and take your router vertical.

Another neat solution that is both literary and would allow for air circulation for your router would be to use old books to make this:

Sewingbarefoot router

There’s s another idea that’s popular on Pinterest—using cardboard photo boxes to hide your router….but don’t fall for temptation.


Sure, closed boxes hide your router well, but they pose two problems:

  1. See how the antennas are crossed? That’s not good for reception (at all).
  2. The heat that can build up inside a closed box. If your router overheats, you could fry it (and, in case it needs to be said, don’t use a metal box [see #2 below]).

Of course, with all of these clever techniques to hide your router, you should always do your best to follow the cardinal rules of router placement:

1. Place your router in the relative open (not in a corner), so you can see it from the device you’re trying to use wirelessly. At least do your best to put it in the center of your house, as best you can. If it’s not, the signal could be blocked by just about any physical object including glass doors, walls (especially cement), fish tanks, ventilation ducts, etc.

2. Don’t put your router in a metal box or something else with reflective surfaces. Some Wi-Fi signals will bounce of shiny objects, reducing the strength of the signal.

3. Try to place your router at least 3 feet away from other appliances that send wireless signals. This can include things like microwaves, cordless telephones, and baby monitors.

4. Install the router away from other electrical equipment that could produce interference. Keep the router from power supplies, fans, motors, other Bluetooth devices, and fluorescent lighting.

Good luck, and if you have any other ideas for making your router more décor-friendly, pass them along!


  1. How do I get a router installed in my home?

    • Hi Sandra,

      TDS offers wireless modems, but if you’d like a router you’ll have to purchase one and install it yourself. There should be installation instructions in the box of the router you choose, but I also found an article from PC World with general router installation instructions:

      If you’re looking for more help than that, TDS offers Remote PC Support (, a full tech support service. Our techs would be able to help you install a router (and much more!).


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