moneyI don’t know what I would do without the internet. Thanks to The Learning Channel, we’ve seen that there are tons of savvy coupon clippers that save hundreds of dollars every time they grocery shop (and end up with a basement stockpile!). However, I’m just not someone that has the desire to flip through coupon inserts. BUT, I do love online coupon and discount codes and regularly look for them when I’m making an online purchase.

I should disclaim that I am almost exclusively an online shopper. The ease of having my purchases delivered to my door, combined with the time savings of not setting foot in a mall, give me more time to plan trips and do other things that I love :-). You may think that I am only talking about clothing or personal accessories….oh no, I buy coffee, toilet paper, and everything that isn’t perishable online (as long as the price is right!). And before every online purchase, I do a quick search for a coupon or discount so I can get the shipping free, or save a percentage off my purchase.

Here are a few of my online shopping tips:

RetailMeNot: I always check this website for a coupon before I purchase anything online. Some retailers block their coupons from appearing on this site, but many major stores like Gap, Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s, etc. do have coupons or sales listed on this site. Today, for example, I was looking at jeans on and immediately visited RetailMeNot to see if there was a valid coupon I could use. Make sure to look for coupons that are highlighted green – that means that others in the community have said that the coupon code worked for them :-). There are printable coupons for some stores as well, if you prefer to visit a brick-and-mortar location.

Amazon: I am an Amazon Prime member, which means I pay $79 for a yearly membership. This gets me Free 2-day shipping on most things that I order (a benefit I think pays for the membership!), free books in the Kindle store once a month, and free Instant Video for watching TV shows and movies. I always check Amazon for things that I would typically buy at Target/Costco/Walmart and see if the price is the same or cheaper. I have recently purchased running shoes, coffee pods, toilet paper, a water bottle, and a silverware caddy…Amazon has everything! If you’d like to test-drive the Prime membership and see if it’s worth it to you, you can join Amazon Mom and receive benefits free for 3 months, or Amazon Student free for 6 months (requires an .edu email address).

Google: Google is your friend, readers. I recently received an email from my sister, who asked me to sign up for a Mud Run with her. The race fee was $65, which I thought was pretty steep considering I would, a) be paying for exercise outside the gym and, b) getting filthy dirty in the process. I did a quick Google search and, near the bottom of the page, found a discount code on a runner’s blog that saved me 20% off the fee. She had already signed up and missed out on saving a few bucks by not spending 2 minutes searching for a coupon.

Get in the habit of looking for online discounts and coupons, and over time, you’ll spend less time at the store AND save some cash.



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