Battle Creek sanitarium

In the spotlight: Battle Creek, Michigan

There’s a very good reason that Battle Creek, Mich. hosts the world’s longest breakfast table event every year—it’s the birthplace… more...
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What you do with your lunchtime matters

We all know that what you eat for lunch matters. So does what you do with your lunchtime. Whether you’re… more...
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Image courtesy of Wired

Alexander Graham Bell inspires…kites?

From Carnet De Vol: Bell’s kite called “Frost King.”As a telecommunications provider, we’re always on the lookout for any Alexander… more...
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Photo credit: Hoax Slayer website

TDS customers targeted by phishing scam

A new Phishing scam: avoid it! Have you seen it? The email that TDS is expanding your email quota? DELETE… more...
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Amy Wark with Wendy

Pequot Lakes ladies run for fun and fitness

Wendy (second from left) with the TDS mud run team.Wendy Rickard’s, TDS senior coordinator-order management, desire to stay fit has… more...
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Austin screen shot

The need for speed

In addition to being a TDS TV tester, I also get a chance to pilot out some of our other… more...
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In the spotlight: Josh Epstein

Image from DC Comics.Do you remember the first word you read? Josh Epstein, TDS consumer repair advisor and our… more...
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Tips for starting a household budget (and how to stick to it!)

If you’re like two-thirds of Americans, you’re not keeping a household budget. According to a recent Gallup poll, only 32… more...
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Make a movie in 48 hours…

Can’t be done, you say? Won’t be any good, right? With the right team, there is no telling what you… more...
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A hands-on approach to TDS TV

Being a TDS TV tester, I got a chance to use the product and get familiar with it before I… more...
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