Alternate Christmas movies for your holiday enjoyment

Everyone has their favorite movies to watch during the Christmas season. Some classics include It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, and more recently, Elf. And who can forget A Christmas Story, a standard for my family – especially since it is played 24 hours straight. But have you ever thought about introducing some alternate Christmas movies into your holiday viewing? TDS employee and award-winning movie director, Kris, has some suggestions.
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house plant research

Friday tech news roundup

This week: new flat LED light bulbs, an updated Shazam app listens all the time, and research that might have you second guessing the placement of your Wi-Fi router. Also, check out a new curved-screen 105-inch 4K TV...and laugh at reviews for an 85-inch one on Amazon.
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measuring tape

Three weight management tips this holiday season

Eggnog, little gingerbread men cookies (or any and all of Melynn’s cookies we’ve featured here on the blog), homemade candies—these are just a few of the tempting treats that contribute to the expansion of many American’s waist lines during the holiday season. But, there is hope! We've gathered three tips we can all do to avoid packing on the pounds this year.
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Cookie platter

Bake with Melynn, the final reveal!

Monday was good day here at TDS because Melynn brought in her cookie platter—and not only did she bring one to work, she also sent one with her husband. We've got photos of the final platter of goodies she shared with her team (plus some reviews of my favorites).
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Google hangout_img_video_call

Be together when you’re miles apart—try a virtual hangout!

Today, a “hangout” has a whole new meaning that doesn’t necessarily involve getting together in the same room. If you have friends or family that can’t come to your home for a party, let them hangout with you via a live computer feed during your next gathering.
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What’s new this week: big budget films and fall finales

This week features finales for several network shows, including two veteran singing competitions, The Voice and X-Factor. Movies on Demand… more...
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Bake with Melynn part 4: Eggnog Fudge and Chocolate Filled Russian Tea Cakes

Melynn has pretty much finished her holiday baking now (even though I haven’t even started!). Her gorgeous and yummy cookie and treat platter will be at work on Monday, so we’ll be sure to share photos. In the meantime, Melynn was willing to share two more holiday recipes with us.
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Friday tech news roundup

This week: get 12 days of free stuff from iTunes starting Dec. 26th, put down your camera so you'll remember better, and Target creates a new Pinterest-powered shop. Also, you won't have to give Gmail permission to load images anymore, check out the trailer for The Room 2 iPad app, and find out the best way to complete your Disney Infinity set. Oh, and check out some awesome new family car decals (there are tribbles involved!).
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New VOD offerings

Demand more

Good news, TDS TV customers! Free on-demand offerings are not only available with every package, they're becoming more robust than ever. Get the scoop on all the new channels.
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TDS employees give back

You can't find the community of TDS on a map because employees are spread across the United States. But just because we live all over, doesn't mean we don't share a common goal to give back to the communities we serve. At no time during the year is this more evident than at the holidays. Employees all over the country are chipping in, donating, and helping to make a difference. Find out how.
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