It’s time to review your privacy settings on Twitter

Twitter is looking for new ways to produce revenue and remain relevant to users and advertisers – and you might not like their latest effort. Twitter just implemented new tracking settings that many users are less than thrilled about. If you’re a tweeter and automatically accepted the recent change to the privacy policy, you might want to take a closer look.
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Power Rangers

New movies coming to TDS TV on Demand

Summer is here and TDS TV on Demand has some exciting new movies to beat the heat. The new “Power Rangers” film should appeal to kids as well as adults (especially those who grew up watching the original show back in the 1990s). Looking for more nostalgia? We’ve got “T2: Trainspotting” plus CHIPS (yes, an update on the 1970s cop show) plus lots more.
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Weekly tech news roundup

This week: there are exciting new Kickstarter's like the SmartDuvet Breeze, Tertill (the weed pulling robot) and Ahead (a hands-free biking device). In other tech news, Spotify is experimenting with song sponsorship and Amazon has bought Whole Foods and just launched Prime Wardrobe.
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Time is running out! Archive your videos now

VHS tapes will so become unreadable and research has shown that the tapes lifespan is only 15 to 20 years. Converting old videos to DVD’s or digital copies that can be stored on your computer is the solution to the problem. Check out ways to make sure your videos don’t become unreadable in the next few years.
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You’ll wanna cry at the rise in ransomware

Last month’s WannaCry ransomware attack took the world by storm, making lots (and lots and lots) of people want to cry. While that particular attack has now come and gone, ransomware as type of malicious software isn’t going anywhere. Fortunately, there are four simple and consistent things you can do to be less vulnerable to ransomware.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday

Today’s band are one of only four acts of all time to hold the number one spot in the Billboard 100 for at least 50 weeks cumulatively. That puts them with Elvis, The Beatles and Mariah—very good company. It makes sense though, as what they did from a vocal/harmony standpoint was so unique. Although they're still making music today, there's no question that going back to their original tunes is the way to go—especially for a fiver.
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mosinee (27)

Engineering work has kicked off in Lewis County, Wash.

MADISON, Wis. (June 16, 2017) – Engineering work is now under way to expand and improve broadband to 1,500 locations… more...
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TDS sends largest group of volunteers to WPT auction

This year marks the 42nd year of the Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) annual auction. Volunteers are essential to the auction, and this year TDS sent the largest group with 42 registered volunteers.
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Premium wifi2

Take the guesswork out of your wireless internet with new Premium Wi-Fi

If you’re tired of constantly troubleshooting your Wi-Fi, give TDS Premium Wi-Fi a try when you call to order new TDS service or add TV to your account. It’s a new way to get the best Wi-Fi experience in every room in your house without the guesswork and troubleshooting.
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TDS Telecom has started construction in Tellico area in Tennessee 

MADISON, Wis. (June 15, 2017) – Construction is under way to expand and improve broadband to more than 3,600 locations… more...
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