The days are getting longer and warmer, which means your nearest lake or river is also heating up. This summer, as you set off on whatever adventure is calling you onto the water, make sure that you are prepared to get wet, while keeping your electronics dry.

For the past few summers, I have worked in a paddleboard and kayak rental department and have seen too many paddlers watch their tech gear sink to the bottom of the lake. It can happen to anyone–no matter the skill level. One of our guides was on a group paddle and even lost his phone (he has yet to bring it with again).

But don’t let concern for your tech gear stop you from capturing the perfect photo for your Instagram profile or Facebook cover photo. Here are a few options that may be worth investing in.

Low-investment: “one and done”

Ziploc plastic bag – I know this may sound risky, but these are used fairly regularly by paddlers that may only be going once or twice a year. They’re very low cost and if used cautiously, can pay off with a great shot on the water. The ones with the “sliders” are recommended for extra protection (less than $1).

Fujifilm QuickSnap waterproof disposable camera – Worried about dropping your phone altogether? Invest in a short-term, waterproof, disposable camera to take with you! It may not be digital, but old-school methods are always resurfacing ($10).

More commitment:  go out on a date or two

NRS MightyLight Dry Sack – These bags are perfect for a paddle and have sizes ranging from 3 liters to 25 liters, capable of holding more than just your phone.  However, to use the tech, you do have to take it out of the bag ($19.95-$39.95).

Sea to Summit TPU Accessory Case – This case is ideal for those wishing to snap a photo with the device still in a water tight case. It can easily be worn around a lanyard under a life vest so it is always nearby ($17.95-$22.95; tested by Outside Magazine).

For the long run: gear for life

Watershed Ocoee Dry Duffel – This air-tight bag is perfect for those wishing to pack more than just a phone and keys. This is a perfect investment for those not looking to tread lightly ($112; tested by Outside Magazine).

LIFEPROOF Waterproof phone cases – Why only limit yourself to keeping your phone dry when you’re out on the water? This investment will ensure that your device stays dry on and off the water ($50-$100).

Or, if you’re going on the water and don’t care too much about missing a social-worthy pic, ditch the phone and absorb the sun and all that nature has to offer – it’s the best way to protect your gear.




Guest Blogger: Morgan Grunow

Morgan is a Communications Intern at TDS Telecom and a junior at UW-Madison studying journalism.

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