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Weekly tech news roundup for August 14

This week: how cats won the Internet, Samsung's new stuff, and Google gets a new holding company. Also, check out astronauts eating the first veggies grown in space, find out about a micro USB cable that is reversible (no wrong side!), and more in this week's tech news.
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Weekly tech news roundup for August 7

This week: download the security update for Firefox ASAP to patch an exploited security hole, Pebble introduces another Time but this time it's stainless, and Epson is doing away with ink cartridges. Also, check out the Lexus Hoverboard in action plus two Kickstarters—a temporary tattoo that'll last two weeks, and a device that will turn any food into "caviar."
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Weekly tech news roundup for June 26

This week: if you've got Gmail you can now unsend email! Also, Amazon has lots of news including opening the Echo up for everyone and a new Treasure Truck program. All this, plus Yahoo! news, a design winner that could eliminate animal testing, Lexus hoverboard, and more.
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