Have you seen it? The email that TDS is expanding your email quota? DELETE it! It’s a scam.

It’s a phishing email and the sender is attempting to get your password (see the scam email below).

TDS does not conduct business this way. We do not contact customers via email or phone to verify sensitive account information.

To protect against all phishing attempts, never provide confidential information (e.g., passwords, social security numbers, date of birth, etc.) to any request you do not initiate. Immediately delete emails requesting such data by any person or company.

While this email does not include links, some phishing emails do. While the links may look real, oftentimes, they will take you to a counterfeit website, generate viruses, or install spyware instead. Do not follow any included links.

For more information on phishing or for prevention tips, visit the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission web site, www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/phishing.htm.

This is the scam email customers have reported receiving:
Dear Tds.net User:

This mail is to inform all our valued customers that we are currently upgrading our tds.net Admin database, e-mail Center and expanding e-mail quota limit from 500 MB to 2.6 GB. You need to Upgrade and expand your e-mail quota limit to 2.6 GB before you can continue to use your e-mail.you are required to complete your details below and send it to us.This information would be required to verify and upgrade e-mail account to avoid being closed. Please clicking on the reply button;

Full Name:
User Name:

Your account will remain active after you have successfully confirmed your
account to the monitoring Center.

Thanks for using our Email Services.
Copyright ©Tds.net Web Admin 2013 All Rights.

If you have receieved this email, delete it. You do not need to contact TDS to report it.

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  1. I got an alert that appeared on my Verizon phone screen saying as a valued TC’s customer, if I answered 3questions I would win either an iPad, iPhone 7, or MacBook. I answered the questions ( how long have I been customer, was my bill current, and I can’t remember the 3rd. Multiple choice answers were provided.). I “won” the iphone7, but did not go further with the process. It included multiple comments by others who had won, some who were waiting anxiously for their prize to come, and one who’d won an iPad but wanted someone to trade with her. Is this one you should add to your list?

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