5 ways to outsmart online tax scams

It’s tax season. Filing online is quicker, easier, and results in faster returns (if you’re due one). But watch out for cyber criminals—they know this, too. Not only do they want to steal your personal data, they also want to infect the computers of your family and friends. What can you do?

Outsmart email scams—delete unsolicited emails from the IRS; if they need to reach you they won’t do it via email.
Avoid search engines—if you need tax documents or tax information go right to government web pages (.gov) instead of using Google or other search engines.
Don’t let “lifejacking” get your friends and family to think you’re “liking” tax information on social networking sites that actually link to phishing or spam sites.
Evade scams by using stronger passwords and secure connections.
Outsmart scams before and after you file. Update your anti-virus program and run a complete scan of your computer before you start processing your taxes online.

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