TDS TV customers: You can now customize your TV experience in a new way—you can hide your set-top box if you order an optional radio frequency (RF) set-top box remote.

During installations, we’ve lots of requests to conceal the electronic gear used to deliver TDS TV. We’ve been asked to put set-top boxes behind entertainment center doors, in closets, even in other rooms….but we couldn’t.

Until now these “hidden” installations weren’t possible since the standard TDS TV remote—which is infra-red—requires line-of-sight to be effective. But, if you order an RF remote, you don’t have the same limitation. As long you put your set-top box up to 150 feet (in any direction!) of your TV, you’ll get the same awesome TV-watching experience.

You can upgrade to the RF remote for a one-time cost of $24.95. We’ll send you your new remote and you set it up yourself using the easy instructions included (if you can install batteries and then press and hold a button or two, you’ve got the skills!).

If you’d like to order (and hide away your set-top box!), give us a call at 1-888-CALL-TDS. And remember, we also offer wireless set-top boxes so you can un-tether your tech from the nearest cable/CAT5 outlet. With these two options, the possibilities for furniture placement are just about endless!


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  1. I placed my set-top boxes in a media closet in a rack system. The RF remote adapters that are plugged into the USB ports on the boxes will bounce signals off of the door to the closet and change the other boxes. I had to place a piece of cardboard in front of the boxes to keep them from making changes to other boxes.

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