The expression “there’s no time like the present” definitely applies to registering for TDS Fiber.

Yes, even if service isn’t launching in your neighborhood for a while, there are lots of really great reasons to register now—five of them, to be exact. Here’s what you’ll get for being the early bird:

  1. FREE installation. When services are available, a technician will come to your home and install the wireless access point, the TDS TV’s Connected-Home DVR, and up to five wireless set-top boxes—at no cost to you!
  2. FREE HD for life. You can skip the HD technology fee for the life of your current account. That means you’ll enjoy the best picture quality without spending an extra dime to get it.
  3. No contract. Don’t worry about being the first to try TDS—we won’t tie you down with a contract (but you’re going to love it!).
  4. Build updates. We promise we won’t spam you, but you will get in the know on the status of the network build.
  5. Priority installation. Because you’re registered, we’ll go ahead and complete some of the outside installation work on your property in advance. That means, on the day services are available, we will schedule your install and it can happen more quickly.

Truth be told, there are actually two more great benefits to registering now. First, you’ll help your neighborhood make threshold by letting us know you want a fiber-to-the-home connection. Second, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your bonus offers are locked in and you didn’t miss your chance.

All of these benefits disappear if you don’t register early. So what are you waiting for? Go to and make it happen!


Limited-time offer. TDS Fiber Registration: By registering you agree to be contacted by TDS with updates and when fiber service is available at your home. You also agree that TDS technicians may access your premises prior to installation to conduct a site survey and to place temporary or permanent facilities. This includes placing a buried or aerial fiber line to your home. Registering does not obligate you to order service. Nor is TDS obligated to deliver fiber service to you. Availability of fiber service is not guaranteed, TDS reserves the right to determine whether any Services are made available to a particular address. The $25.00 fee required at the time of registering will be applied as a credit toward your first month’s bill. The fee is refundable only in the event that TDS does not build to your address. To Receive Bonus Offers: You must have registered during the registration period, and you must complete your order within 60 days of being notified fiber is available at your address. Offers vary based on date of registration. Visit to view your registration period and the available offers. Free Installation: Includes installation of the Connected-Home DVR, wireless access point, and up to 5 wireless set-top-boxes. Installation charges may apply if additional set-top-boxes are needed and/or wired set-top-boxes are needed as determined by the technician at the time of installation. HD for Life: Requires a TDS TV bundle with Freedom, Expanded, or Expanded Plus TV, including Internet and/or phone service. HD technology fee waived for life of current account. Offer valid for life of current account. Offer void if required service is downgraded or disconnected. Delinquent accounts will lose discounts and are not eligible for this offer. TDS Fiber offers not available to existing TDS TV customers. Certain restrictions apply. If customer terminates any individual service that is part of the bundle discounts are void. Customers who previously took advantage of a TDS TV bundle promotion and those with delinquent accounts are not eligible. Prices do not include federal, state, or local taxes and fees. Other terms and conditions apply—see Price may vary by serving area and is subject to change without notice.


  1. Already registered – Am I in the drawing.

  2. I do not see the correct link to register. I click the link “registering for TDS Fiber.” and it takes me to the but there is no place to register there

    • If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see two orange buttons—one for residential service and one for business. Click whichever fits your interest to enter the rest of the site and register :-).

      • When you hit the orange button for residential, it comes up with a window to enter your zip code/address. I do so, then it tells me that it is not available in my area. When you close the dialog box, it immediately goes back to the previous page where the 2 orange boxes for residential and business are.

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