With the popularity of video streaming, online gaming, and the Internet of Things, the number of connected devices in our homes continues to rise—and most of those devices use a Wi-Fi connection.

To be clear, Wi-Fi isn’t the same as your internet connection. The internet comes into your home via a wired connection to your modem/router and then it’s broadcast wirelessly to your devices. It’s not unlike how a radio works (just on a much smaller scale).

As you may have experienced though, a lot of things can get in the way of your Wi-Fi signal on its way to your devices. Walls, floors, microwaves, fish tanks—just to name a few—can weaken a wireless connection and slow you down.

We’ve given you troubleshooting tips in the past, but now there’s something else you can do: get our new, incredibly easy to use, mesh network service called TDS Wi-Fi+.

The service

Unlike a single point router or modem, mesh networks broadcast wireless signals from multiple places your home, providing a full blanket of coverage. TDS is collaborating with eero, the Wi-Fi solutions company, to go a step further and bring you an intelligent mesh network.

The technology uses machine learning to optimize the Wi-Fi signal to deliver a strong and reliable connection. This reduces dead zones, slow spots, and buffering and provides an all-around great internet experience.

And, no, that’s not marketing speak.

We had employees take the service on a test drive—including the toughest customer of them all: our repair manager, Matt. He was willing to share his thoughts after putting Wi-Fi+ through its paces at his house.

“Overall my wireless in my house was fine and didn’t have many issues—except when I was on my top floor. When I would want to watch YouTube or Netflix before bed, my phone or TV would buffer and often just timeout despite a 300Mbps connection. I installed Wi-Fi+ and I am more than satisfied. I have not had any issues since it was installed, and the speed tests reflect a huge improvement in this tricky spot.”

Plus lots of control

Beyond the great coverage, the “plus” in TDS Wi-Fi+ refers to its many extra control features. Using the eero mobile app, customers can see which devices are connected to their network, block any suspicious or unknown devices, and view data usage in real time. Parents can even create user profiles and instantly pause internet access or create custom time schedules.

Matt, our repair manager (also a dad of young kids) said he loved how these features worked in his own home: “It’s amazing in a small family how many internet connected devices you can accumulate—so being able to turn some on or off from the internet with the touch of a button using the app on my cell phone is really nice. I can also make changes as I see fit with time schedules, limit what devices are able to connect to the network, and I can see how much bandwidth each device is using.

Dead-simple installation, great coverage

If you can plug in a lamp, odds are you can install TDS Wi-Fi+ yourself. That’s because the included equipment—an eero Base Station and an eero Beacon—plug into standard wall outlets. This standard setup will cover a home up to 3,750 square feet! (Note: professional installation and additional Beacons are available for an additional fee if desired.)

Our repair manager thought setup was “super easy.” Since he’s used to thinking about things from a customer’s viewpoint, he’s an expert on what’s easy and hard. Plus, because service is supported by TDS, he has no reason to steer you wrong.

Easy on the budget

TDS Wi-Fi+ is a service available for only $12.95/month. That means you don’t need to sink a bunch of money into equipment or worry about upgrades—leave that all to us. Plus, you can save more with a bundle. Combine TDS Wi-Fi+ with other safety and security services and get them all for one low price!

One more thing

Matt had only one more comment to share about his TDS Wi-Fi+ experience: “Honestly, despite looking for faults I have nothing negative to say about the service. I have zero complaints.”

If the guy who will have to support the product loves it, that says a lot—so what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 1-888-225-5837 or easier yet, visit our website to get started.




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