Sangria – that refreshing fruit and wine combo that makes our summer seem, well, summery. The perfect party beverage, Sangria is best when pre-prepped the night before to let flavors meld and is an excellent use for plentiful summer fruits. For a lighter treat, top with club soda (or help stretch out a batch when unexpected guests arrive).

Pinterest has many versions of this traditional Spanish beverage, but here are six of our favorites:

Wonderous White Sangria


Careful, this sangria packs a punch, thanks to a generous dose of vodka, but the blend of cucumber and sage is easy and refreshing. 

Raspberry Moscato Sangria


Personally, we find Moscato wayyyy to0 sweet on its own, but mixed with tart yet totally in season summer raspberries, this becomes a refreshing sip for ladies night. 

Ginger Peach Sangria


Take her advice and add a bit of basil and mint to this for an extra kick. We love the refreshing flavors and the punch from the ginger. 

Watermelon Sangria

watermelon sangria

Much lighter than it seems, we can’t get enough of this summer sip. 

Rose Sangria with Bourbon


This one has a sweet kick that even men will love. 

Tropical Pineapple Sangria


Get on island time with this fruity favorite. 

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