It’s hard to believe that the 4th of July is this weekend. Do you have plans yet? Whether you’re planning a big family barbecue, a laid-back visit with friends, or you’re traveling to patriotic destination like Washington, DC, you’ll want to make your holiday prep as simple as possible. So for this week’s Seen on Pinterest, gathered “pinspiration” from some of our favorite sites in an effort to make your holiday planning as painless as possible. Here are 8 simple steps to have the best holiday ever:


  1. Make festive food simple. There’s no need to slave for hours over a red-white-and-blue cake. Layer white chocolate or yogurt-covered pretzels and strawberries on a tray and put blueberries in one corner. Voila, a simple (and healthy) flag dessert. We love these kabobs, also made with fruit, as well. This cake is also great for anyone with a sweet tooth.
  2. When in doubt, make more than enough. This simple sangria is festive and easy to make for a crowd. Plus, it’s simple to add in another bottle of wine (or make a booze-free version with sparkling grape juice) if you run low.
  3. Don’t over theme. We’re all about being patriotic, but go with a white tablecloth, plain blue paper plates, and red solo cups and you’ve got yourself a pretty patriotic (and inexpensive) table setting. If you want to do more, these easy confetti-filled latex balloons add pizzaz.
  4. Practice fire safety. Don’t operate fireworks after you’ve been drinking, and keep things that go “boom” away from little ones. This simple sparkler trick also helps.  Have a pet? Don’t forget to keep Fifi and Fido safe.
  5. Simplify the side dishes. Go potluck, or offer just basic condiments like ketchup, mustard, and relish. While inventive “condiment bars” are all the rage, this can quickly run up both a large tab and an added hassle in terms of both prep and cleanup. Put condiments in mason jars to make them look pretty if you want to go the extra mile.
  6. Skip the patriotic outfit. Chances are, you won’t re-wear that American flag tee. Paint your nails using this simple firework pattern or glitter polish instead.
  7. Make a playlist. This can be a long night while you wait for it to get dark enough to host fireworks. Make sure you’re keeping the crowd pumped up. 
  8. Don’t forget the “extras.” Sunscreen and bug spray are vital on a long, hot day.


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