fiberville-card (2)TDS TV is expanding! We’re rolling out TDS Fiber services, including TDS TV and 100Mbps Internet, to new areas of Concord and Knoxville, Tenn. starting in September. But the service is not all that’s new—we’re also bringing a new mobile demonstration vehicle to Tennessee and giving customers extra benefits for signing up early.

Here’s the scoop: We’ve divided up the new fiber-served areas in Concord and Knoxville into neighborhoods. If you live in one, you can pre-register for TDS Fiber services. If you do and enough of your neighbors do too, your neighborhood will become a certified Fiberville. If you live in a Fiberville you’ll each be eligible for a free lifetime upgrade of either HD programming or Internet speed (your choice!). You can find out when TDS Fiber will be available in your neighborhood and track your neighborhood’s progress toward Fiberville status on the new website. So, get out there and talk to your neighbors so you can all cash in.

fiberville RV 5If you’d like to see TDS TV in action before you pre-register (although there is no commitment for doing so), you should come and visit the Fiberville RV that will be hanging around town. The RV is our new mobile demonstration vehicle and you can’t miss it! It’s been custom-wrapped (and will soon be complete with vanity TDS FIBR license plates) and has both an indoor and outdoor demonstration space. We’re bringing it to the Red, White and Blues festival today, in fact.

The festival is the RV’s first stop, but it will soon be at other events and probably also visiting your neighborhood. fiberville RV 3.1If you see it, stop in and say hi (and I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m just saying it might not be a bad idea to take your picture with the RV if you’re there :-)). If you’d like to know where the RV will be, “like” TDS TV on Facebook and watch the website for more details (and then you’ll also hear about any photo contests that might be coming up, hint, hint).

If you’d like to see a few more photos of the RV, you can check out our Flickr page.

See you soon!


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  2. I’m begaining to think switching from Comcast to this new fiber is a mistake I cant get any stations at all

  3. I live in Blanchardville wi. We get internet through TDS and recently the whole town now only gets 1 mbs, which everyone knows is extremely slow….it’s terrible! Moved here 8 yrs ago and was offered 10 megs but 8 months ago TDs dropped everyone down to 1….I used to be a huge online gamer…. Not anymore! So please bring us into the 21 century!!

  4. Prices are out of control town of Andover town hall still hasn’t got packages it was promised in 2014

  5. Not happy with Fiberville. Don’t see any real value here. Direct TV was by far a much better product. I was hoping for a cost savings, which was supposed to be true when we signed up but the reality is there isn’t a real cost savings. I now regret switching from Direct TV, which in end was a much better value.

  6. Continuous intermittent internet connection speed, sometimes stops for 15 minutes. Have had the problem over the years. Spoke with India… tonight and useless. Think the capacity is at its limit. Paying for 5meg and getting .98 download.
    Need an alternative. Anyone have one. No fiber planned for the location.

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