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TDS is often applauded for its company culture and internal opportunities. One of the ways it connects its employees is through Employee Resource Groups (ERG), made up of employee members of similar backgrounds or interests.

The Intern ERG focuses on providing interns social and professional development opportunities. As a member of this group, interns have the chance to network with full-time employees, hiring managers, and other interns as well as gain insights and professional advice from company leadership.  Just in the last week, members of the Intern Employee Resource Group (ERG) were able to participate in an internal networking event as well as a tour of TDS Telecom’s sister company, Suttle Straus.

Star Search

Star Search, an internal networking event, allowed interns to connect with 10 hiring managers from TDS in a variety of departments. Although the event was casual, it allowed interns to exercise their interviewing skills and learn more about opportunities to work full-time with TDS. This was the first event of this sort for the Intern ERG, but there are plans to make it an annual occurrence.

Many managers highlighted TDS’ willingness to allow interns to work on projects outside of their department or field of study. As the event also helped interns to learn more about what other interns do in separate departments, many interns sparked an interest in collaborating with departments to learn more during their time at TDS.

“About 30 to 40 percent of positions are filled internally at TDS,” said Brenda P., a hiring manager present at the event.

Suttle Straus Tours

TDS interns were invited to tour Suttle Straus, a sister company to TDS Telecom that specializes in print and digital marketing and mailing solutions. Here, interns learned what software and technology TDS Telecom and US Cellular use to print and mail bills.

A question and answer session allowed interns to ask questions about different steps of the processes, many of which were specific to their respective departments.

These are just a few examples of how TDS works to advance its interns professionally and how the intern ERG has provided meaningful opportunities to interns from all fields of study.

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Guest Blogger: Mary Mulcahy

Mary is PR Intern at TDS Telecom and a Journalism student at UW-Madison. She recently returned from studying abroad in Galway, Ireland. In her free time she enjoys traveling, running, cooking, and reading.

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