Once a terrible gift, dreaded to be received by everyone, the ugly holiday sweater has made a comeback. Today, ugly sweaters are a fun tradition that people are willing to pay for. The beloved garments have even earned themselves a day of recognition. In 2018, December 21 is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

With a plethora of places to shop, it won’t be too difficult to celebrate the ugly sweater this year. Stores you know like Kohl’s, Amazon, Etsy, Target, and Macy’s sell them, as well as niche stores like uglysweaterstore.com and uglychristmassweater.com. If you’re aiming for the vintage, original feel, head to a local thrift store

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There are many styles or themes of ugly sweaters. They take their inspiration from sports teams, TV shows, and holiday sayings and symbols. Each year there are new topical sweaters to choose from.

Available at uglychristmassweater.com

Typically, the gaudier the better with ugly holiday sweaters. Do not be afraid to wear bells, bows, tinsel and glitter. Some sweaters even have 3D features such as battery-operated lights, reindeer heads, candy canes, and other holiday characters.

Or, if a beloved ugly holiday sweater has been haunting you since your youth, wear it to finally get something out of being forced to wear it to holiday functions like Ralphie and his bunny costume in A Christmas Story.

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Remember to stay appropriate for the office and keep within your company’s guidelines. If you’re unsure on your sweater, check with your HR team.










Written by: Sydney Kelly – Ugly holiday sweater enthusiast

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