AP1030092_croppeds anyone who has gone back-to-school shopping knows, purchasing the list of required supplies can add up quickly—too quickly, for some families. To help students in need, TDS employees in Madison, Wis. recently collected and donated school supplies to the local school district.

The results were pretty astounding. From #2 pencils and crayons to scissors and Ziplock bags, employees contributed oodles of school necessities.

Our Madison employees have been collecting school supplies since 1998, making this their 18th year of giving! But, these folks weren’t the only ones helping students—TDS’ Pequot Lakes, Minn. office also got in to the action.

They started with a single generous donation of 16 lunch bags and the collection quickly grew from there. The Field Service team was happy to deliver two boxes full of supplies to each of the local schools.

We hope everyone has a wonderful school year!






  1. Seems to me the only charitable giving that TDS does is on the east coast and more specifically around the Wisconsin area. We have TDS in the west but they don’t do any giving
    to the local groups around here. What’s up with that?

    • Joyce, these back-to-school supply drives were created and funded entirely by our employees and came together due to their generosity. We love sharing how awesome our employees are!

      Relative to other community giving, since our headquarters is in Wisconsin as are the majority of our employees and customers, it’s true we do sponsor many events there. However, rest assured our employees and TDS give back to communities all over the U.S.—we just don’t always cover every event on the blog (but we’ll try to do better job!).

      If you have a donation request please do let us know! You can make a request on our Donation Page. And, as we gather more stories of TDS and TDS employees giving back, you can find them here so stay tuned for more!

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