Today the country observes Veterans Day, and in honor of the day, TDS hosted a panel discussion yesterday. Five employees were part of the panel and answered questions from other TDS employees about military service. The goal was to hold an open conversation and thank veterans and their families for their service.  Employees were able to gain insights from questions like “would you enlist again” and “how was it to come home” to “what were your best and worst memories,” and so much more.

Many employees came to hear the panel and ask questions, while others tuned in online. The stories from veterans’ time in the service and the lessons they learned captivated everyone in the room.

Check out highlights from the panel to learn more about the veterans at TDS and their experiences.

Thank you to everyone who has served in the United States Military!


Guest Blogger: Ann McGrail

Ann is a PR Intern at TDS Telecom and a Journalism and Communication Arts student at UW-Madison.

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  1. Great presentation! Thanks for recording it!

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