FoodThe spirit of the holidays is all around us. We talk about giving. We talk about receiving. I think doing both is best.

I’ll admit, though, when I saw the amount of stuff our employees donated in the last month, I was at a loss for words. In my six years at TDS, I’ve never seen so many things donated. There were thousands of items in all shapes and sizes: toys, stuffed animals, cans and boxes of food, coffee makers, linens, pet supplies and so much more … all to help others have a joyful holiday. As we packed the trucks for distribution to local charities such as Second Harvest and Toys for Tots the excitement and smiles on our employee’s faces could be felt and seen.

It really does feel good to do good. The volunteer experience inside TDS was so inspiring and heartwarming that it brought the season in to focus for me. The holidays are about giving and receiving- receiving the positive energy that comes from helping someone in need.

And based on the smiles we saw when dropping off the goodies, our employees’ efforts are truly appreciated. Employees gave so much, but they also gave their time. They rang bells. They volunteered to be Porchlight Angels. They answered phones and sorted food. It makes me proud to work here.

There’s so much craziness in the world right now that it feels good to be surrounded by generous people who just want to help. And, it feels good to work for a company that not only supports employees efforts, but also encourages our efforts and contributes $$$$ to help make a difference, too.

Such a wonderful time of the year!
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