This January, it’s time to check out the new season of comedy hits, such as “Shameless,” “House of Lies” and “Episodes,” plus uncut movies, action-packed sports and more.

showtime_ShamelessThe Gallaghers are back in “Shameless,” and they’re as shameless as ever. As real estate speculators and organic coffee shops overrun their beloved South Side of Chicago, Frank, Fiona, Lip and the rest of the family band together to fight the invading hipster hordes in their own audacious way.

Emmy Rossum and Oscar-nominee William H. Macy star in the fiercely engaging and fearlessly twisted Showtime series. Chicagoan Frank Gallagher is the proud single dad of six smart, industrious, independent kids who without him would be … perhaps better off.

When Frank’s not at the bar spending what little money the family has, he’s passed out on the floor. But the kids have found ways to grow up despite him. They may not be like any family you know, but they make no apologies for being exactly who they are. Season four of the wildly successful series kicks off on Jan. 11.

House of Lies” is also starting up Jan. 11. Nothing is sacred in this scathing, irreverent satire of corporate America. Oscar-winning actor Don Cheadle returns as the ruthless Marty Kaan in the outrageous, subversive and wildly funny fourth season.

Charming, fast-talking Kaan and his crack team of management consultants know how to play the corporate game better than anyone. They’re using every dirty trick in the book to woo powerful CEOs and close huge deals. Corruption is business as usual, and everyone’s out for himself.

Finally, Matt LeBlanc plays Matt LeBlanc in “Episodes,” the hilarious series about remaking a comedy series. When husband and wife writing team Sean and Beverly set out to reproduce their British TV hit for an American network, all of their worst fears come true as Hollywood lives up to its reputation for absurdity.

Not only does the network cast LeBlanc in the starring role, but LeBlanc takes the lead in deviously twisting the beloved series into a terrible cliché while testing Sean and Beverly’s marriage with diversions and temptations.

Season three of “Episodes” ended with LeBlanc’s ailing show facing cancellation and his star fading fast. Matt is desperately looking for a way to renew his fortune. But is Hollywood tired of his act? Check out the premiere of the fourth season of “Episodes” on Jan. 11.

If you’re already a Showtime subscriber, and you missed the shows that everybody is talking about, the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is the perfect time to catch up on your favorites. The fourth-season reprise of “Homeland” and the first season of “The Affair” kick off the week of Dec. 28. Showtime also will air the previous seasons of “Shameless,” “House of Lies” and “Episodes,” just in time for the new seasons.




Guest blogger: Tor Hanson

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