You know how a few weeks ago I told you about the new Nest smoke detector rumors out there? Well, they’re all true. Today Nest Labs officially announced their new Protect smoke detectors and pretty much every tech blog is talking about it (and many of my friends on Facebook!).

The Verge has a great video giving an overview of all the cool features on this device—it’s way more than “just” a smoke detector. It will:
• connect to your Nest thermostat to get more accurate data
• deliver alerts on your phone via mobile app
• light up a path at night so you can run to the bathroom without stepping on your kid’s Legos
• tell you exactly where smoke is detected
• give you battery information by viewing the app or the device itself

And that’s not all (of course), it’s also smart enough to recognize low-threat situations (like when you burned that bacon you were making this morning). When this happens, you have the chance to wave your hand at the Protect and turn off the alarm.

It will be available in white or black, and in battery powered and hard-wired versions. They expect to begin shipping in a few weeks and it will cost [gulp] $129.

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