If you’ve ever wondered where Siri’s voice came from, this article is for you (or, if you’re a total linguistics geek). The Verge has a fascinating story about how speech is more than the sum of the actual letter sounds. Emotion, inflection, what sounds come before letters—it all adds up. Verge Video visited Nuance Communications for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to develop a computer voice that sounds natural. Take a short 10 minute break and check it out:


  1. And Siri is out of beta. Great new improvements.

  2. I have it but it doesn’t talk. Do you know if it works with the IPad 2? I bought the app.

  3. Deanna, I’m not a Siri expert, but I did a little Googling and it doesn’t look like it works on the iPad 2 (I found this article if it’s at all helpful: I did spot some YouTube instructions for making it work but, from the sounds of it, you’re basically hacking your iPad so it’s not something I would encourage you to try.

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