A communications tower on the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain in Carrabasset Valley, Maine was severely damaged by hurricane strength winds yesterday afternoon. The tower is owned by Somerset Telephone Company d/b/a TDS Telecom (TDS®) and hosts several cellular phone carriers, as well as other third party communication services.

At this time, TDS officials are working a coordinated effort to assess impacts and contact carriers who license facilities on the tower.

Due to harsh winter weather conditions at the summit all TDS employees, contractors and carrier agents must wait to approach until winds reduce to safer levels, perhaps later Tuesday or Wednesday.

The two-story building under the tower site remains operational with power and heat according to data being collected from the unmanned site, but the condition of the building structure is yet unknown.

Once conditions improve, a full site evaluation will be conducted and plans for tower restoration will begin.

Photos taken of the site before and after provide visual detail of the impacts.



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