tornado 1Spring is officially here! While it means warmer weather is here or on the horizon, it also means an increased risk for severe weather. If a storm hits while you are at work and your children are at school or daycare, how will you contact one another? How will you get back together? Head off any potential chaos before it happens by developing an Emergency Communication Plan.

Here’s how:

1. Pick an out-of-state relative or friend to serve as your family’s contact point. Instruct everyone to check in with them after a disaster. Make sure all your family members know this person’s information, including: social media links, telephone number (with area code), and physical address. Be sure to keep a copy of the information by your landline, and load all the information into your mobile phone.

2. Pick a meeting spot outside of your home. Consider one in your neighborhood, or near your work or your children’s school. Make sure everyone in your family has memorized the route to get there.

3. Discuss your plan as soon as it is finalized. Talk through scenarios you could each experience and how your plan will get you back together. A family discussion will likely help everyone feel more at ease.

For more information on how to prepare your home and family, contact your local Red Cross or visit FEMA’s website for a printable communication plan template.

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