Last month, Adobe announced that data from at least 2.9 million (yes, million) active users was stolen. Later, some reports put that number closer to 150 million. Thieves made off with encrypted credit card information and also user IDs and log-in credentials.

If you’ve wondered if your account could have been among those breached, there’s now a way to find out. Mashable reports that the password security service LastPass has launched a tool so you can check if your Adobe account has been compromised.

LastPass’ tool searches a leaked list of the compromised Adobe accounts over a secure connection. Their website says they’re not keeping any information on people who use their Adobe account-testing tool. Just enter your email address into this form, and you’ll know if you should take action to update your password.

Adobe LastPass

It was recently reported that the three most popular passwords among Adobe users are: “123456,” “123456789,” and “password” — a sign that users are picking easy-to-guess passwords. It’s a good reminder to create strong passwords so your accounts are more likely to remain safe (there are some tips in this blog).

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