Friday tech news roundup for July 5

Stories about robotic spiders, great ebook deals, and giant electromagnets all made my “interesting tech news” list this week:

muonGiant electromagnet is moving from New York to Chicago
While not strictly related to anything TDS, I thought this was a really neat story. The magnet, all wrapped up for transport, look *completely* looks like the Millenium Falcon. And, the logistics and science happening is just fascinating to me.

Great eBook bundle on
If you like ebooks and like to help charity, HumbleBundle has got a great deal—and it even includes a book by everyone’s favorite geek, Will Wheaton if you pay more than the average of $9.44 for the other 4 books.

Young people aren’t ditching books after all

Sure, I just mentioned a great deal on ebooks, but it seems like paper books aren’t going anywhere. Here’s some research that says that even the whipper-snappers prefer books to ebooks most of the time.

spiderbotAnd in arachnid tech news…
I was reading about a highly disturbing piece of spider consumer tech on Engadget. It’s a robotic spiderbot and man, it looks so creepy in the photos that I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video. If you are less arachnophobic than I am, feel free to watch it!

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