Friday tech news roundup for July 19

This week: Google Maps just got better (and includes indoor spaces), get a peek at the Houzz headquarters, Sharknado takes one woman by storm on Twitter, and spellchecking ink pens.

Google Maps is better than ever

Or that seems to be the consensus on the web this week. With the release of Google Maps 2.0 now for both iOS and Android, Google has added all kinds of new features and the Internet was abuzz. There’s turn-by-turn navigation, public transportation info, live incident reports, and biking directions. Google has even added indoor maps with walking directions in certain locations, such as malls, airports, and other transit stations. If that wasn’t enough for you, Reviews and Zagat integration now makes it easier to find good restaurants (and more) if you’re off your usual beaten path. Here’s one of the 10,000 articles about Google Maps I spotted on Monday.

An inside look at Houzz headquartersHouzz_logo
The only thing I find as addicting as Pinterest is the website Houzz. You’ve been, right? The images of gorgeous homes and remodels is very inspiring! It seems fitting then, that TechCrunch got an inside look at their headquarters. Their office space has a playroom, patio room, kids room, a living wall, and more. Check it out.

new-twitter-logoThe woman behind the Sharknado Twitter handle
Meet Elizabeth Wylder, Chicagoan and the woman who chose Sharkando as her Twitter handle back in 2009—well before SyFy ever even thought about making a movie with the same name. Since the movie hit big, Elizabeth is getting many “@” tweets that should have been hashtag tweets and she’s become an Internet star herself. Mashable got the story.

Brush up on your Twitter lingo
ICYMI (in case you missed it), Mashable also has a great piece today about Twitter lingo. I’ve been on Twitter for a few months now (yeah, it took a me while to get on the Twitter bus), but I sure appreciated the guide (and I don’t think you’ll say “TSDR” after you see it).

A spellcheck pen!
lernstiftIn cool tech for this week, a spellchecking ink pen. I think I’ll be ordering these by the dozens for my kids who, unfortunately, seem to have inherited my spelling skills. The Lernstift pen will buzz if it thinks you’ve made a mistake. It’s a Kickstarter project and for a pledge of $150 it can be yours (okay, so maybe I won’t be ordering quite as many). Engadget has the report and a video.

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