This past week, TDS Telecom employees from across the country participated in the organization’s first-ever TDS All-Company School Supply Drive. Offices in New Mexico, Wisconsin, Utah, Oregon, and Minnesota all collected items to be donated to their respective, local schools. The outstanding efforts of all the participating offices resulted in a collection totaling more than 10,000 items.

Some of the donations included backpacks, notebooks, writing utensils, and organizational materials. Employees collected, counted, and organized the items just in time to donate them as the school year kicks off across the country.

Cindy Tomlinson, the drive organizer and associate manager of communications in Madison, Wisconsin, said she was incredibly proud of the enthusiastic response of the participating TDS offices.

“It’s amazing to see the kindness of our TDS employees,” Cindy said. “Ten thousand items is something to be proud of, but I’m not at all surprised that this company was able to donate such a large amount. It’s just who we are.”

Sarah Reister, drive organizer and contact center coordinator in St. George, Utah, said she feels that the success of the supply drive was made possible by TDS’ community-driven company culture.

“It is such a blessing and privilege to work for a company that truly cares about the communities it serves and allows employees, such as myself, the time and resources to be involved in volunteer opportunities,” Sarah said. “I have worked for several companies over the years, and TDS is the only one that has promoted this type of stewardship. I am proud to be part of the TDS family!”

Community involvement has always been part of TDS’ mission. Since TDS first began offering phone service in 1969, the company has established itself as an organization that prioritizes volunteering and giving back.

As founder, Roy Carlson, once said, “I firmly believe that a local community is best served by local people who are aware of local needs.”

The inaugural supply drive was a partnered sponsorship between TDS’ Community Outreach program and Employee Resource Groups, and was in keeping with company efforts to provide community service, and a culture of volunteer participation. Follow this link to learn more about how TDS strives to give back.


Guest blogger: Joe Pueschner

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