NBCUniversalWe all love the convenience of having things right at our fingertips. I come from a generation that never had to get up to change the channel on the television. I couldn’t even imagine the coin flips, arm wrestling matches, or first to call “not it’s” that must have occurred during those troubling times.

Fortunately, we now live in a different age and we now have remote controls and the convenience of having programming at the ready all the time. We all love the services the Connnected-Home DVR provides with TDS TV—it gives you the freedom to watch anywhere, anytime. But beyond the DVR, there’s also on-demand programming.

These days, on-demand services are becoming the standard, but they’re also becoming costly (or are only “free” or *free). What happened to those good old days? Queuing up the latest “Parks and Rec” on www.nbc.com or maybe “Hell’s Kitchen” on Hulu didn’t cost a penny and was fairly reliable. Everyone is out to make a buck nowadays though, with the Hulu Plus services and other pay-a-monthly-fee-for-your-tv-needs providers are making headway on your wallet.

Well good news, TDS TV customers, the free on-demand offerings are not only included with every package, they’re becoming more robust than ever. As of November 22nd at 12:01 a.m, TDS TV is now offering a myriad of exciting new channels and shows all available at the touch of a button. Below is a list of all the new stations, and their corresponding subscription packages. They will show up the next time you visit the VOD Store on your set-top box. From there, find your favorite shows and let the hours of TV watching commence!


New VOD offerings

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