Thanksgiving TurkeyJust a little while ago the newest version of the iPad from Apple was announced. Among the upgrades in functionality and design is a new feature that’s sure to catch the attention of consumers. This new feature is Wi-Fi with MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) technology. What is it and who cares?

Simply put, MIMO technology allows users to pull faster data speeds on this iPad than the previous generation of Wi-Fi technology. You can still only browse at the speed of your actual Internet connection brought into the home, but if you have speeds up to 15Mbps this new device might pull close to that speed.

Today, most devices are connecting at speeds slower than we imagine, even if our overall Internet connection is significantly faster. The technology, at least until now, simply wasn’t advanced enough to pull the fastest speed available. Many of us would read this technical bullet point, maybe say, “Oh, cool…” and move on with their day. However, it’s yet another hurdle for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including TDS, in their quest to provide fast, reliable Internet speeds for as many consumers as possible.

Not too long ago most people used the Internet for light web browsing and checking email. ISPs were able to accommodate this with their existing networks. Technology has rapidly advanced since those days and placed enormous demand on bandwidth and networks. New devices, like we mentioned earlier, are equipped to handle faster speeds and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu play HD programming (those services eat up a lot of capacity). Nearly every electronic device is seemingly Internet-ready, but also places a burden on existing networks.

sliced turkeyUsing a tangible example, let’s say having Internet in your home is similar to sitting hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for your neighborhood. Let’s say the turkey at this dinner is your Internet connection and we know, just like in real life, there’s only so much turkey to go around. Each Thanksgiving, the table grows bigger with new guests (and a few of them, like the very engaging Netflix and Hulu, are big eaters). While that’s great, it also presents a problem—with every guest who arrives, the slices of turkey get smaller so that everyone can get a bite.

What’s our solution? You might say, “Buy more turkey!” Ask any Internet provider—not just TDS—and they’ll likely say the same thing: we’re working on it. We are doing our best and working as quickly as possible to catch-up. Unfortunately though, unlike cooking a new turkey, catching up to Internet demand doesn’t happen overnight. Demand simply outweighs supply, at least right now.

Guest Blogger: Jason W.
Jason works on the Senior Consumer Specialist team helping resolve high-level customer concerns and assisting advisors with questions on processes and procedures. Originally from Milwaukee, Wis, he has lived in Green Bay and eventually discovered all Madison has to offer. He’s been with TDS since the day he moved to Madison just over five years ago. With a degree in Interpersonal and Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Jason has passionate interests in technology trends, news, and developments. Jason’s interest include cooking, watching Gordon Ramsay yell at people cooking, and traveling whenever possible.

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