Amazing starship comparison chart

Starship comparison chart original-590x615Have you seen the starship comparison chart going around the Internet this week? If you’re a sci-fi geek you should really check it out if you haven’t.

DiviantArt’s Dirk Loechel created a gigantic chart showing, to scale, every (well most every) fictional starship ever built. Each ship is labeled with the name of sci-fi franchise it appears in, what group within the franchise it belonged to, the ship’s class, and the total length (or estimate based on the information available).

It’s amazingly thorough even though the 1 pixel = 10 meter scale means that the T.A.R.D.I.S. from Dr. Who likely won’t be on there, unless I missed it. Loechel is updating the image as people find ships that are missing (Spaceballs 1 and the Axiom from Wall-E were recently added, for example). It’s a fun thing to explore if you’ve got a little time to kill.

Because the image is so huge (4268 x 4445 pixels), to view the detail go check out the original to zoom in. Now, let’s just hope he turns this into a giant poster of some kind because I know quite a few people who would want one!

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