Alexander Graham Bell inspires…kites?

From Carnet De Vol: Bell's kite called "Frost King."

From Carnet De Vol: Bell’s kite called “Frost King.”

As a telecommunications provider, we’re always on the lookout for any Alexander Graham Bell related telephone facts and interesting tidbits. An article in Wired last week, certainly qualifies. The article, This Might Be the Coolest Kite Ever, features an amazing and cutting-edge kite. Here’s the kicker: the kite’s designer was inspired by some of Bell’s designs.

Image courtesy of Wired

Image courtesy of Wired

You probably didn’t know it, but not only was Bell the inventor of the telephone, he also dabbled in the aeronautical. Beginning in the late 1890s he began dreaming of a flying machine and created some amazing looking kites. He believed they were the most stable way for humans to achieve flight. Clearly that didn’t work out quite the way he had envisioned…yet.

The designer of the new kite hopes his creation will inspire buildings that can someday float on air. So, time will tell if Bell was simply so visionary, technology needed a chance to catch up.

You can read more about Alexander Graham Bell’s kites at the Carnet De Vol website and their page devoted to his groundbreaking kite designs.

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