TDS Telecommunications is pleased to announce the first installation of its first commercial managedIP (mIP) customer in Socorro, New Mexico — Randy’s Ace Hardware.

ManagedIP phone systems are huge assets to any business because they combine internet, phone, and mobile applications—improving customer experiences and making businesses more efficient and responsive.

No matter your business’ size or demands, we have a solution that’s right for you. Here’s what Marc Lea, store manager for Randy’s Ace Hardware, loves most about his fast, reliable fiber internet connection and managedIP Hosted phone system.

What TDS business systems do you subscribe to?

When TDS came to Socorro with fiber internet, we upgraded to a more reliable internet technology. All of our crucial store equipment relies on stable internet—our key cutting machines, our POS systems, and now our new our business phone system. With our previous provider, we were frequently dealing with outages and downtimes. Upgrading to TDS fiber has just made a drastic difference for us.

We also bundled our service with TDS’ managedIP Hosted phone system.

Why did you upgrade to TDS managedIP?

It’s necessary for our business to have a reliable and functional phone system. Every day, we interact with customers calling in and inquiring about everything from product availability to advice for specific home projects.

What is your favorite part about TDS managedIP?

My favorite part is the mobility it gives us throughout the store. I have a portable Polycom phone that allows me to move around and interact with customers on the sales floor, check inventory, or do anything without being tied to a desk. It just allows us to help our customers much more efficiently.

How has TDS fiber improved your day-to-day business?

On top of customers calling in and stopping by the store, we also receive a lot of online orders. Because of that, it’s crucial that we’re able to utilize our internet here in the store to access and fulfill those orders at all times.

Having reliable internet makes it much easier for us to have meaningful customer interactions and to fulfill their orders in a timely manner.

Why would you recommend TDS services to other businesses?

Cutting costs and gaining efficiencies are two great things in business. Switching to TDS has essentially allowed us to cut our bill in half from what we were paying our previous provider. On top of that, we ended up getting a much better product with more capabilities. The managedIP system is also very easy to use.

TDS offers three commercial Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) managedIP systems, depending on business’ needs—Total Talk, managedIP hosted, and managedIP trunking.

Last summer, TDS launched its fiber internet network in Socorro, connecting its customers to reliable, high speed internet services up to 8 Gig. Businesses also have access to 10 Gig dedicated connections with TDS.

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