TDS Telecom (TDS®) was awarded the prestigious In Business Executive Choice Award, being named the top Phone & Internet Company by business owners and executives. This accolade, given by In Business magazine, underscores TDS’s commitment to providing exceptional services and products to the Greater Madison region. With a legacy of excellence and community involvement, TDS continues to be a preferred choice for business communication needs.

TDS: Leading the Way in Phone & Internet Services

The Significance of the Award

Being named the top Phone & Internet Company in the 2021 In Business Executive Choice Awards is a testament to TDS’s consistent performance and dedication. This award is particularly meaningful as it reflects the opinions of small business owners and C-suite members, who rely on TDS’s services to maintain seamless business operations.

Michele Slattery’s Perspective

Michele Slattery, vice president of Sales at TDS, expressed her gratitude and pride in the company’s achievement. “It’s wonderful to again be recognized as the leading provider for these essential services in the Madison area,” she said. “Being chosen by the decision makers is a true honor and a reflection of our dedication to delivering reliable products backed by local service.”

TDS’s Competitive Edge

Superior Service Offerings

TDS beat out three other providers in the Phone & Internet category, showcasing their superiority in various aspects:

  • Dedicated Fiber Connections: TDS offers dedicated fiber connections, ensuring high-speed and reliable internet for businesses.
  • Symmetrical Speeds: Businesses benefit from symmetrical speeds, which are crucial for operations requiring consistent upload and download rates.
  • Managed IP Solutions: TDS’s hosted VoIP communications solution, ManagedIP, provides businesses with advanced phone solutions tailored to their needs.
  • TDS TV+: The company also offers TDS TV+, a comprehensive TV product for business customers.

Local Presence and Community Involvement

Headquartered on Madison’s west side, TDS is not just a service provider but a community partner. The company frequently collaborates with local organizations to give back to the community, further solidifying its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

Historical Background and Workforce

Founded in 1969, TDS has a long-standing history of innovation and customer service excellence. With over 1,400 employees in Wisconsin, the company is a significant contributor to the local economy and community welfare.

In Business Magazine and the Executive Choice Awards

About In Business Magazine

In Business is the premier business-to-business publication in the Greater Madison region, known for its in-depth coverage of business news and trends. The magazine’s Executive Choice Awards are highly regarded, as they represent the preferences of key decision-makers in the business community.

Selection Process for the Awards

Winners and finalists of the Executive Choice Awards are chosen by small business owners and members of the executive suite. This peer-based recognition highlights the trust and confidence that the business community places in the winners.

Why TDS Stands Out

Customer-Centric Approach

TDS’s customer-centric approach is a major factor in its success. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering tailored solutions, reliable services, and responsive local support.

Innovation and Technology

By continuously investing in the latest technology and infrastructure, TDS ensures that its customers have access to cutting-edge communication solutions. This commitment to innovation keeps TDS at the forefront of the industry.

Reliability and Performance

Businesses depend on TDS for uninterrupted and high-quality communication services. The company’s focus on reliability and performance is reflected in its robust service offerings and positive customer feedback.

Strengthening Community Ties

Continuing its tradition of community involvement, TDS aims to deepen its engagement with local organizations and initiatives. This will further strengthen its relationship with the community and enhance its reputation as a socially responsible company.


TDS Telecom’s recognition as the top Phone & Internet Company in the 2021 In Business Executive Choice Awards is a remarkable achievement. This award not only highlights TDS’s superior service offerings but also underscores its commitment to customer satisfaction and community involvement. As TDS continues to innovate and expand, it remains a trusted partner for businesses in the Greater Madison region.


What services does TDS Telecom offer to businesses?
TDS Telecom provides dedicated fiber connections, high-speed internet with symmetrical speeds, managed IP solutions, and TDS TV+ for business customers.

How is the Executive Choice Award winner chosen?
The winners are selected by small business owners and C-suite members, ensuring that the award reflects the preferences of the local business community.

What makes TDS Telecom a preferred choice among business owners?
TDS is known for its reliable services, customer-centric approach, local support, and community involvement, making it a trusted partner for businesses.

Where is TDS Telecom headquartered?
TDS Telecom is headquartered on Madison’s west side.

How does TDS contribute to the community?
TDS frequently partners with local organizations and engages in charitable activities to give back to the communities it serves.

What is TDS TV+?
TDS TV+ is TDS Telecom’s full-featured TV product for business customers, offering a comprehensive range of entertainment and information channels.

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