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Most people don’t think twice about security protocols and regulations. Those standards need to be consistently updated to ensure your information remains confidential. To stay ahead of the game on the latest batch of required updates, TDS made some changes to our online security this week that could impact your experience with our websites.  Here’s a brief overview of the “what,” “why,” and “how.”


One of the key security measures used on the internet is called the Transport Layer Security (TLS), formerly Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). It’s used to encrypt data and protect it between online communications or transactions. This protocol needs consistent updates in order to remain safe, as hackers try to find a way to crack earlier versions.


The Internet Engineering Task Force, an arm of the Department of Commerce, and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which set standards for collecting, storing, and processing credit cards, are requiring the updated versions of TLS on their websites. TDS is opting to implement this new version of TLS now because it makes our site and the connections we have to other sites more secure.


We made the required changes on our website during an update—but there could be a catch on your end. If your browser isn’t up to date it may not support the newest version of TLS. How will you know? If our website isn’t loading or you’re receiving an error message when you try to access it, you may need to update your browser.

If you’re tempted to put off downloading the latest version of your favorite browser, you won’t be able to procrastinate for long. Most websites with transaction components will be making this same security updates before the spring of 2018, which means you’ll probably find other websites won’t work over time.

When available, turn on automatic browser updates or manually update your browser when new versions launch. The few minutes of updating will save countless headaches from websites not working, or even prevent hackers from accessing your data.


Guest Blogger: Mary Mulcahy

Mary is PR Intern at TDS Telecom and a Journalism student at UW-Madison. She recently returned from studying abroad in Galway, Ireland. In her free time she enjoys traveling, running, cooking, and reading

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