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CES 2019: This kettle heats water as you pour it

The Heatworks Duo carafe heats water as it pours, and to precise temperatures.


Never wait for water to boil again. The Heatworks Duo Smart Untethered Carafe heats water as you pour it. Just fill the Duo with cool water, and the carafe delivers hot H2O to your cup. It also lets you set the precise temperature you desire. Water decanted from the Duo is heated to plus or minus one degree of your selected temperature.

And since the Duo produces hot water on-demand, there's no need to stand around for pots or kettles to boil. According to Heatworks, the company behind the Duo, the carafe uses, "ohmic array technology." It's the same system expected to drive the Heatworks Tetra Countertop Dishwasher (announced last year at CES 2018).


The Tetra Dishwasher hasn't actually shipped yet, so it's unclear how viable Heatworks' technology actually is. That said, the process sounds similar to how PID (for "proportional, integral, derivative") controllers function.

Typically used in fancy espresso machines, PID controllers have also made their way into other kitchen appliances. Breville's Precision Brewer is one example. This $300 drip coffee maker uses a PID controller linked to an electric water heating system.

The Duo goes one step further. Instead of plugging into an AC outlet, the pitcher draws electrical power from a rechargeable battery. That makes it portable, not chained to a socket. Heatworks hasn't set a price for the Duo though, nor has it pegged a date for its availability. 

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