Check the TV Updates page for important information

As 2018 comes to a close, we wanted to remind you that the page is your one-stop informational resource to learn about possible changes that could impact your TV service.

When you visit, you’ll find information about negotiations, channel lineup changes, rate changes, and even get the scoop on industry fees.

Our goal? To be transparent so you can see at any time, what’s happening with your TDS TV service.

Channel Notifications

Find out what’s new or could impact your channel lineup. For example, after you select your location, you’ll see we recently launched Newsmax and moved the Game Show Network to the Expanded Package. You’ll also learn about other channel-related changes such as Velocity recently rebranding as the MotorTrend channel.

You’ll also find out about channel renegotiations on this page. Like any TV service provider, we must occasionally renegotiate existing contracts when they’re due to expire. Here you’ll find out whether we have any active negotiations that could impact channels in your area. Note: Regardless of where you live, our goal is always to advocate on your behalf and continue to offer excellent channel options you love at a great price.

Broadcast Retransmission Fees

Broadcast retransmission fees impacts both providers and customers. Learn more about this fee that is 30 times more expensive than it was 10 years ago. You’ll find a series of FAQs so you can quickly understand how this fee impacts your bottom line.

Rate Changes

No one likes talking about rate increases—and that includes us—but when we have any news to share, we’ll put the information here. You should be in the know so any changes don’t feel like a surprise.

We hope you continue to find the TV updates page a helpful source for staying informed about your TV service. As always, thank you for being a TDS customer!


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