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Zoolander 2

TV Highlights: Zoolander 2, The Finest Hours, Race, Roots

Memorial Day weekend approaches, which means the traditional network shows are all but done. But have no fear, we bring… more...
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Best bets this week on TV

“Sharknado 3” is enough to excite anyone, but if you’re looking for a little more (dramas, thrillers, animation), check out the latest films on TDS TV On Demand to beat the heat.
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This Week on TV: American Sniper, Still Alice, Season Finales

It's May, which means network shows are wrapping up. Make sure you check the schedule so you don't miss your favorites. For the latest movies, go to TDS TV on Demand, where a couple of the best films of 2014, "American Sniper" and "Still Alice," are coming soon.
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