Hollywood Blockbusters Highlight This Week on TV

Hobbits, fairytales, feisty street urchins, wacky penguins and war heroes are all part of the new films coming to TDS TV on Demand. On TV, don’t miss the conclusion of the acclaimed musical drama “Glee.”

New on TDS TV on Demand

exodusExodus: Gods and Kings
Ridley’s Scott’s tale of Moses gets a modern re-telling. The film is beautiful, if a bit stodgy and bloated. If you like old school spectacles (complete with some of the most amazing computer special effects you’ll ever see), you should enjoy “Exodus.” Available March 17.

Quvenzhané Wallis does a nice turn as the title character in an update of the Broadway musical. The film, about a foster kid trying to survive on the streets of New York, is aimed squarely at young girls. Others should probably beware. The cast includes Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz. Available March 17.

topfiveTop Five
Director, writer and star Chris Rock scores a hit with “Top Five,” a complex satire about a comedian who wants to become a serious actor. The movie has some razor-sharp observations about Hollywood, fame and the pains of sobriety. Available March 17.

Penguins of Madagascar
“Penguins” shines with clever dialogue and non-stop zaniness. The film boasts a wonderful mania that will make kids and adults laugh along. Available March 17.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
The Hobbit trilogy wraps up with a two-hour plus battle as Bilbo and his allies must fight off Smaug the Dragon and hordes of rampaging goblins. If you liked the first two Hobbit films, this should make for a satisfying conclusion. Available March 24.

intothewoodsInto the Woods
Curses. Witches. Classic fairytale characters. It’s all comes together in this well done adaptation of the Broadway musical. The wonderful cast includes Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine and Emily Blunt. Available March 24.

Angelina Jolie’s unflinching look at the life of Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini, who survived 47 days on a raft in the Pacific during WWII, then endured years in a brutal Japanese prisoner of war camp. the movie is beautifully crafted, but doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of the subject matter. Based on the award-winning book by Laura Hillenbrand. Available March 24.

TV Highlights

Dancing with the Stars
“Dancing” returns for its 20th season. The cast includes Michael Sam, Rumor Willis, Suzanne Somers, Patti LaBelle and Willow Shields. Monday, March 16, ABC.

This new series is a loose adaptation of the comic book of the same name. Expect a mix of humor, horror and drama in this warped tale about a former medical student (Rose McIver) who is part zombie – and uses her unique skills to fight crime. Tuesday, March 17, The CW.

One of the best dramas of 2015 wraps with a two-hour special. Watch for some big moments and shocking twists. Wednesday, March 18, FOX.

The ground-breaking musical bids farewell with a two-hour special. The finale looks at how the original group of misfits came together, then jumps five years into the future to see where life has taken them. Expect lots of feel good tears. Friday, March 20, FOX.

The Musketeers
D’Artagnan and gang wrap up season 2 of fighting bad guys. The show has developed into an entertaining and engaging swashbuckler. Saturday, March 21, BBC America.

The Late Late Show with James Corden
British funny man Corden takes over hosting duties from Craig Ferguson. Expect some growing pains, but let’s hope the talented Corden can take to his new gig. Monday, March 23, CBS

Mindy-ProjectThe Mindy Project
The 3rd season of this edgy comedy wraps. Star Mindy Kaling keeps the laughs coming. Tuesday, March 24, FOX.

Award-wining documentary taking an inside look at Chicago’s Dreamcatcher Foundation, a charity that tries to help women leave the sex industry. There’s a surprising amount of humor in this difficult subject. Friday, March 27, Showtime

Killing Jesus
The life and death of Jesus of Nazareth is retold. Based upon the best selling book of the same name by Bill O’Reilly. Sunday, March 29, National Geographic Channel.


seinfeldSeinfeld” will is close to coming to one of the major streaming services. Reports indicate that Hulu, Amazon and Yahoo are in the race for the classic series (Netflix has passed).

AMC has ordered two seasons of a “Walking Dead” spin-off. The new show will take place in Los Angeles. No title or show details have been released. The first season (just six episodes) will debut this summer.

Netflix has ordered a 3rd season of the acclaimed thriller “The Fall,” which stars Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan.

Kathy Griffin has exited E!’s “Fashion Police” after just seven episodes. Word is that the show may be canceled.

CBS is working on an television adaptation of the hit movie series “Rush Hour.” The show follows a pair of police officers – one a by-the-book Hong Kong cop and the other an irreverent American detective as they solve crimes. The series has cast Jon Foo and Justin Hires in the leads (taking over for Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker).

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