Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Deadmau5

Good music can come in all forms. Sometimes it challenges the way we think about what we like and what we actively listen to. Today’s featured artist isn’t exactly at the top of the charts, but has the respect of virtually anyone in the industry.
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TDS fiber_tree

5 reasons to register early for TDS Fiber

The expression “there’s no time like the present” definitely applies to registering for TDS Fiber. Yes, even if service isn’t launching in your neighborhood for a while, there are lots of really great reasons to register now—five of them, to be exact. Find out what you’ll get for being the early bird.
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FTC: There are no “quick fixes” to clean up your credit

If you’re trying to clean up your credit, you’ll come across plenty of companies offering an easy fix. But any company promising instant results for a price is likely a scam. The FTC offers a warning and tips if you need help.
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Toby Keith_Unleashed_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Toby Keith

If you haven't heard any Toby Keith now's the perfect chance to give him a listen. It’s safe to say this album, Unleashed, created the Toby Keith fans know today. It was Keith’s seventh studio album, his highest-selling to date, and would go on to produce four hit singles including one that spent six weeks at the top of the charts. The album itself would also go on to top the Billboard 200, no small feat for a country record.
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online gaming

How to turn on parental controls for your kids’ favorite online services

Most parents don’t want their small kids accidentally wandering into the deep end of the internet without supervision. Since you can’t monitor your kids every minute, online platforms and services offer a variety of parental controls. These can help keep your kids within the online content areas you’re comfortable with. We’ve rounded up quick links and, in some cases directions, to the parental controls for all of the major streaming services and the most-popular gaming platforms.
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dark web

What is the dark web?

You’ve likely heard the term “dark web” in the headlines and news stories, but very few of us really know what it means. It certainly sounds scary and foreboding, but what is this place? Where is it? What can you do there? How do you get there—and should you go? Here are the answers so you can understand:
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Neil Young

Legends are legendary for a reason. In the music business, you don’t have to love an artist for them to… more...
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Father's Day

Films to watch with dad on Father’s Day

One of our blog followers was grateful for the idea to watch a movie with their mom on Mother's Day, so we thought we'd do the same for Father's Day.
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U.S. Flag Do’s and Don’ts

Flag Day is Friday, June 14, so here is a refresher course with the rules and guidelines for displaying the American flag. These guidelines came out of the U.S. Flag Code passed by Congress in 1942.
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Diversity & Inclusion 1

Who is TDS?

Maybe you’ve seen our trucks, spotted our ads, or read about us in your local paper—but those don’t really tell you who we are. Please, allow us to introduce ourselves. Hi, we’re TDS. We are a 50-year-old, family-run, communications company. Learn more about our history which says a lot about who we are today.
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