Smile! Photo Sharing Apps to Capture Every Moment

Whether or not we want to admit it, summer is over and holiday season rapidly approaching. And you know what that means: photo opportunities!

With the invention of the camera phone, we are taking more pictures today than we have ever before. We’re taking so many, in fact, that we fear we’ll annoy our friends on social media if we post them all, yet we’re conflicted with what to do with the snapshots of memories we don’t want to lose.

Never fear—here are the top three photo sharing mobile applications (plus one solid backup service) for the photos  we want to share with a select few people, and for the pictures we want to backup just in case our phone suddenly dies or goes missing.

23snaps allows users young and old to document their adventures in a baby book format. Written stories, photos, videos, and even height and weight can be added to a timeline. This timeline can then be shared with others who have the app and emailed or viewed on the website by friends who do not.

This app is perfect for parents wanting to document their children’s growth and share with grandparents, relatives, and friends. When updates are posted, friends can comment and “like” different events which appear on their news feed.

One of the best features of 23snaps is the ability to print individual photos and photo books immediately from the app. This eliminates the time spent uploading photos to multiple sites before getting the perfect prints hanging on the wall.

The Moments app is Facebook’s separate private photo sharing app. Photos in Moments can be shared with anyone who has a Facebook account; however, they will not be able to see the photos until they download the app.

Moments allows you to create an album and share it with specific people. Anyone the album is shared with can then add their own photos. This app is perfect for weddings and big parties. One attendee can create an album, share it, and collect all the photos from the evening. Users can then select photos that others shared, download them to their phones, and upload them elsewhere if they wish. Moments also keeps Facebook’s social media qualities and allows users to interact with likes and comments on photos as well.

Google Photos
One easy way to backup your photos is by using Google Photos. If the setting is on, photos from your phone (both Android and Apple) are uploaded to your Google Drive right after the app is opened. On Google Photos you can choose to backup your photos immediately (using your cellular data) or wait until you are on Wi-Fi. Any picture edits you make using your phone will be reflected on Google Photos.

Anyone with a Google account can use Google Photos, so this may be the perfect app for sharing with your less-technologically-advanced friend who can to use the website to view photos shared with them. In addition to backing up your photos, the app allows users to make albums to share. It also makes searching for photos easier because it automatically sorts photos by people, location, and date. Lastly, this app also includes a photo editing feature and a user-friendly collage creator.

TDS Backup Online
We’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout-out to one more backup service—TDS’ own Backup Online. It now backs up your mobile devices too (both Android and Apple) so you never have to worry about losing photos or videos again. It includes up to 200GB worth of storage across all your devices and is available stand-alone or as part of a Plus Pack. Certainly something to consider if you’re looking for a solid, backup plan!

By helping you share and save your pictures, all of these apps (or services, as the case may be) will help prevent memories from this holiday season from becoming vague and distant—or even lost. You know what that means? Now there’s no reason not to get out there and take as many photos as your heart desires.



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