“Fear the Walking Dead” highlights this week on TV

Beat the heat and the back-to-school blues with a nice slate of films and television programs over the next couple of weeks – including the debut of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead.”

New on TDS TV On Demand

Bradely Cooper, Rachel McAdam and Emma Stone star in this whimsical romantic comedy about a military contractor who finds love in Hawaii. The story is a strained at times, but the cast (which also includes Alec Baldwin and Bill Murray) keeps things enjoyable. Available August 25.

Smosh: The Movie
Silly film from You Tube duo Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Strictly for Smosh fans. Available August 18.

Little Boy
Sincere and inspirational family film about a young boy who will do whatever it takes to end World War II so his father can come home. Things can get a bit heavy, but the overall message of faith and tolerance will play well with the entire family. Available August 18.

TV Highlights

Show Me a HeroShow Me a Hero
Riveting six-part mini-series surrounding the battle to build low-income housing in Yonkers in the 1980s and 1990s. The series nominally focuses on mayor Nick Wasicsko, but it’s the many different people of the city who star in this heartfelt drama. Now playing on HBO.

Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels
If you’re suffering from “Sons of Anarchy” withdrawal, check out this documentary of the legendary motorcycle club. Tuesday, August 18, History Channel.

Duck Dynasty
The season wraps with the nuptials of John Luke Robertson. Celebrate along with the rest of the clan. Wednesday, August 19, A&E.

Lip Sync BattleLip Sync Battle
One of our favorite guilty pleasures concludes season one with a 2-part finale. In part 1, “Empire” co-stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson go head-to-head. Thursday, August 20, Spike TV.

The Unauthorized Full House Story
Who doesn’t want to know the dirt on the classic sitcom? Did John Stamos take up two parking spots? Did Bob Saget have body odor? And who knows what we’ll find out about those Olsen twins? We’re tuning in for the kitsch factor. Saturday, August 22, Lifetime.

Fear the Walking DeadFear the Walking Dead
The long awaited companion piece to the hit “The Walking Dead” finally arrives. The new series takes place in Los Angeles at the beginning of the outbreak. The show’s debut season will only include six episodes, but “Fear” will expand to a full slate in 2016. Sunday, August 23, AMC.

Public Morals
Writer/Director/Star Ed Burns brings us an intriguing new crime drama set in the NYPD vice division in the 1960s. Tuesday, August 25, TNT.

New 10-part series chronicling the drug wars of the 1980s, focusing on Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel. All 10 episodes drop on Netflix on Friday, August 28.


CBS is looking to adapt the Denzel Washington film “Training Day” into a series. Director Antoine Fuqua and producer Jerry Bruckheimer will be involved in the adaptation.

RedIn another film-to-TV adaption, NBC is developing “Red” (Retired, Extremely Dangerous), which is based on the films starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren.

NBC has renewed David Duchovney’s crime drama “Aquarius” despite soft ratings.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential run, “Celebrity Apprentice” will take a year off before returning in 2016-17 with a new host.

Jimmy Fallon has inked a deal that will keep him behind the desk at “The Tonight Show” through 2021.

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