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WJXT negotiation update

St. Marys TDS TV customers, as we mentioned previously, we’re negotiating with WJXT in earnest because our contract ends on December 31. Despite our best efforts, the station is telling us we may have to take the broadcast down.

WJXT is requesting a large hike in their rates—an increase that is out of line with industry standards and more than customers should have to pay.

In fact, they are demanding over 30 percent more than any other broadcast station in Jacksonville will receive in 2017. WJXT has no national affiliation (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC) station and its prime time content consists of re-runs that are available elsewhere. As a result, we don’t feel such a dramatic rate hike is warranted.

They have rejected our offer for what we consider is a reasonable rate increase. We have also offered to meet their rate hike demands, but only if we can offer their channel to customers on an a la carte basis.

If negotiations do not prove successful and the WJXT signal must be removed on 12/31/16, simply use TDS’ fast, reliable internet service to live stream WJXT’s popular morning newscast on their website at no cost to you.


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