This Week on TV: blockbusters, gangsters, magicians, bikers and Mr. Sulu

September is here and that means we get the return of our favorite shows as well as some hopeful newbies. Also, Video on Demand lets you catch a couple of 2014’s biggest blockbusters.

New on Video on Demand

takei_posterprint_editlaurelsatop_emailTo Be Takei
An inspiring, poignant and good-natured look at 77-year old actor George Takei (Mr. Sulu from the original “Star Trek” series), who went from living in an internment camp in World War II as a child, to becoming an Internet phenomenon. Available now.

The Amazing Spiderman 2
Another entertaining outing from Peter Parker and crew. Spidey (well-played by Andrew Garfield) locks horns with Electro (played by Jamie Foxx). If you liked the first one, you should enjoy this energetic sequel. Available now.

Mom’s Night Out
A pleasant (but not terribly original) film about a trio of weary mothers who set out to have a night out away from their husbands and children. A family-friendly, “Hangover”-lightesque film. Available September 2.

captain-america-winters-soldierCaptain America: The Winter Soldier
Outstanding sequel to the 2011 hit has Captain America (Chris Evans) trying to adjust to modern society. Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson get (deservedly) expanded roles in the Marvel superhero world, and veteran superstar Robert Redford is also on board for extra fun. Available September 9.

Brick Mansions
The late Paul Walker stars in this remake of the 2004 French action hit “District 13.” The location has been moved from Paris to Detroit, but the film retains the original’s breathless action and over-the-top stunts. Available September 9.

TV Highlights

Oscar winner Adrien Brody stars in this two-part miniseries about the life of the legendary magician, Harry Houdini. Monday, September 1, History Channel.

So You Think You Can Dance
The series finale is here. Join Nigel and Mary to see if your favorite is still standing (or should we say, dancing) at the end of the day. Wednesday, September 3, FOX.

boardwalkempireBoardwalk Empire
Kick off the final season of HBO’s first rate gangster drama. The great Steve Buscemi stars as Nucky Thompson, the underworld ruler of Atlantic City during the 1920s. Sunday, September 7, HBO.

Interesting reality show places a group of average people in an isolated, undeveloped location for an entire year, challenging them to create their own civilization. The series reportedly cost $50 million to produce. Sunday, September 7, Fox

sonsofanarchySons of Anarchy
One of television’s best (and bloodiest) dramas comes to close with the kick off of its seventh, and final, season. The bodies and heartbreak have piled up over the years as Jackson Teller (Charlie Hunnam) struggles to to keep his beloved motorcycle gang from being torn apart. Tuesday, September 9, FX.

Biggest Loser
TV’s most inspiring reality show returns for another season. Meet this year’s contestants. Thursday, September 11, NBC.

Z Nation
Looking to capture some of the success of “The Walking Dead,” this new series about a zombie apocalypse focuses on the race to cure the disease and save humanity. Harold Perrineau and Tom Everett Scott star. Friday, September 12, Syfy.


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