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CI am so grateful for TDS Identity Protection! I have spoken to about a half dozen people in the past few months sharing the ANGUISH they are going through just to get their lives back in order after discovering their identity was stolen.

Just the concept of “identity theft” is befuddling, don’t you think? I mean, really—can someone actually steal who you are? Of course not. They can’t steal who you are in mind, body, or spirit. But, a savvy criminal can truly wreak havoc on your financial life and your financial future as well!

I’ve learned that the “protection” offered through a bank or credit card is very superficial and will only cover activity with that specific vendor. This is why I signed up for TDS’ Identity Protection (that, and because I heard way too many horrible identity theft stories from customers!). It’s powered by AllClear ID and it guards all aspects of my personal financial identity so it feels like it’s protecting my entire life. They’ll call or email me when they think there’s something fishy going on with my accounts. Sometimes I’ll confirm that the account activity was me, but I’ve also gotten phone calls where I’ve realized that someone is out there pretending to be me.

It’s really great knowing there’s someone out there looking out for me. For example, when my husband and I purchased a new car at our local dealership and used the 0% financing available, we were notified right away of the activity—it was very, very comforting! And, if for some reason some was able to steal my identity, TDS Identity Protection offers up to one million dollars in coverage and recovery services.

Identity theft is the largest growing white collar crime (and trust me, I hear about it way to often to think this isn’t true). It is critical to protect your financial future. Like you, my husband and I have worked hard for every single dollar we have earned and so I am not going to allow a tech-savvy criminal destroy my hard-earned financial resources and reputation— or steal my time trying to repair the damage. I know I work at TDS, but I genuinely LOVE TDS Identity Protection. It rocks!

Guest Blogger: Julie
Julie lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband of 29 years. They own a hobby farm with 4 horses, 1 mule, 1 dog and 2 kitties. She has worked for TDS for 5 years as residential sales advisor. Her background includes sales and marketing. She and her husband are avid trail riders and travel with equine all over the U.S. with fifth wheel Living Quarters Horse Trailer/RV camper.

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