Ted Nugent

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Ted Nugent

Sometimes when you’re in a funk, you simply need a little rock to get you into a better mood. Today’s featured act is about as rock by definition as possible—and while some people love him and some hate him, if you’re into hard riffs, you’ll enjoy what he has to offer.
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Winter weather emergency tips from the FTC

Winter this year is turning out to have its own set of weather-related emergencies—and right now, all in the midst of a pandemic. Lots of us are really ready for the winter of 2021 to be over. But while we’re waiting, why not prepare (or see if you might already be prepared) for a weather-related emergency?
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Bad Bunny

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny has collaborated with Cardi B, J.Lo, Diplo, and Drake. He's also a WWE champ and has sold upwards of 20 million copies of his debut album. Bad Bunny is hot, so take a listen.
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A field service tech’s simple act of kindness

Sitting too much can be bad for your health, but in the case of field service technician Jacob B., sitting did a world of good and helped protect a senior customer. Read the story of his simple act of kindness.
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service anouncement

Ice and snow impacts to TDS communities

The ice and storm conditions in parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky, and Southern Indiana are impacting, or are anticipated to impact, TDS service and response times. We are ready and prepared to respond where it is safe for our teams to do so, however, some repair work and installations may be delayed due to local weather conditions. 
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Carrie Underwood_some hearts

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Carrie Underwood

With the return of the popular show American Idol last Sunday, sometimes it’s interesting to revisit past contestants and check how they’re doing now. There is one artist that unquestionably has had the biggest launch from the show.
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Romantic movies for Valentine’s Day

Instead of a night out, this is the year to spend Valentine’s Day watching a romantic movie at home. So, grab your remote, a sultry scented candle, and fire up a film for a cozy night at home. From the classics to today, here are some suggestions from a wide variety of sources.
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Scam crop

FTC shares top frauds from 2020

2020 was a tough year. Between the pandemic and the economic crisis, we all had our hands full. And scammers didn’t take any time off either—people lost nearly $3.3 billion in fraud schemes. Find out what the top three scams were last year.
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Tracy Chapman_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Tracy Chapman

It may have been a while, but even today, Tracy Chapman's debut album holds up incredibly well. Her vocal is breathtaking and soulful—she belts out every tune and you know she feels some semblance of emotion with every word uttered. Her writing has a message and makes you feel contemplative. Take a listen.
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