School supply drive_madison

First TDS all-company school supply drive is major success

This past week, TDS Telecom employees from across the country participated in the organization’s first-ever TDS All-Company School Supply Drive. Offices in New Mexico, Wisconsin, Utah, Oregon, and Minnesota all collected items to be donated to their respective, local schools. The outstanding efforts of all the participating offices resulted in a collection totaling more than 10,000 items.
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Billie eilish_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Billie Eilish

Billie and her brother co-wrote nearly the entire record and he handled all the production—which happened in her apartment rather than a stuido. In six short months, five tracks have been released as commercial singles and the album as a whole has received nothing but praise. She’s managed to top the charts in twenty different countries including reaching #1 on the U.S. Billboard 200.
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Jim TDS Open_sq

TDS golf outing raises $54,000 for charity

Since the TDS Open became a charity event, it has been a model example of the company’s long-held commitment to the community. Over the past nine years, the event has raised almost $350,000 to support various local charities. Find out which charity was featured this year.
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HBO preview blog

Free HBO and Cinemax free preview event, Aug. 16-Aug. 20

Watch HBO® and Cinemax® FREE for four days and see what you’ve been missing. Starting at 6 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 16 through Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 6 a.m., TDS® customers can enjoy addictive series, blockbuster movies, family favorites, documentaries and more on HBO and Cinemax.
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Oh, snap! The biggest blockbuster ever is coming to TDS TV On Demand

If there weren’t other great movies arriving on TDS TV on Demand, it would be tempting to only talk about the elephant-sized blockbuster in the room, Avengers: Endgame—but there are plenty more awesome things to watch this month! Find out what you should watch.
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Pop up ads

Pop-up scams

You’ve heard of pop-up shops and also probably pop-up restaurants. Now you need to watch out for pop-up scams. Find out how they work, what you need to watch out for, and how to steer clear of these annoying and pervasive scams.
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Cyndi Lauper_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Cyndi Lauper

Today’s featured artist is either teetering on iconic status, or maybe with over 50 million albums sold and victories at the Grammys, Tonys, Emmys, VMAs, Billboard Awards and AMAs, she's already there. She's inspired countless current female artists, dabbled in film, Broadway, and has become a strong activist—but her first album is the '80s revisted. Have some fuh-uhn and take a listen today.
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Shark Week returns Sunday, July 28

It's BAAAAACK! Shark Week, returns with bigger sharks and bigger bites on Sunday, July 28. Watch the latest promo and get the full schedule so you'll be sure to catch it all.
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Three Dog Night_

Cheap Tunes Tuesday: Three Dog Night

This is one of those sneaky bands. You hear the name and think you may know a track or two, but when you start digging into their catalog, you know 10 or even 20. Even more interesting? They hit the top and stayed there by singing and playing other people's songs. Give this "one" a shot today (ha!) and rediscover a great group.
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