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DeAnne Boegli is the National Public Relations Manager for TDS Telecommunications which means she wears a lot of hats on a day to day basis. DeAnne jumped on the social media train early (TDS joined Facebook in 2008) and has been keeping her team at TDS up-to- date with the rapid changes in these popular online sites, in addition to her more traditional public relations, reputation management and media roles. DeAnne holds degrees in Journalism and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and has over 20 years of experience in the communications industry. She has been in telecommunications at TDS for the past 13 years; prior to that she managed corporate communications for Rayovac which is also headquartered in Madison, Wis. In her spare time, she teaches dance classes at a studio she started in 2001. So, if you need to learn to tap dance she could help. We all know some PR types are known for dancing around issues, but not DeAnne she tells it like it is and just dances for the sport of it. DeAnne has a unique blend of corporate and entrepreneurial experience which gives her great perspective in talking with business owners and marketers like you.
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Making progress in Quincy Florida with Hurricane Michael damages

Restorations progress Update:  Oct. 25, 4:39 p.m. CST – Great news, only two locations left without commercial power.  49 of… more...
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Dave's halftime strata

Dave’s favorite tailgate recipe: Halftime Strata

We received so many positive comments and notes about TDS President and CEO Dave Wittwer's Turkey Stuffing recipe last year, Dave is sharing another family favorite—just in time for the big game.
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One trans-Atlantic telegraph cable started it all

In the last 156 years we've gone from laying a telegraph cable to having phone service, the Internet, smart phones, and even connected "smart" homes (all over the world!). Check out what it took to make the first trans-Atlantic cable happen (hint: it took a few tries) and get a little more interesting telecom history to boot!
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We can solve two of your biggest fears

A recent story in USA Today caught our eyes—they reported on a Chapman University survey exploring what people feared the most. Of the top five fears people revealed, two are completely solvable (right now!) by using tools TDS has available. Find out what the top fears are and how we've got you covered.
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tornado 1

How to reconnect with loved ones after severe weather

Spring is officially here! While it means warmer weather is here or on the horizon, it also means an increased risk for severe weather. If a storm hits while you are at work and your children are at school or daycare, how will you contact one another? How will you get back together? Head off any potential chaos before it happens by developing an Emergency Communication Plan.
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Winter weather challenges Technical Response teams

This week's polar vortex was just the latest weather hurdle for TDS Telecommunications Technical Response teams and support staff in New York, Maine, Michigan, and other areas of the U.S. Read how TDS has adapted and check out some storm photos.
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Top 7 posts of 2013

It just wouldn’t be a blog if we didn't have some kind of year-end wrap-up list :-). As such, we’ve gathered your favorite, and most popular, blog posts of 2013. Find out which ones made the cut!
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Google hangout_img_video_call

Be together when you’re miles apart—try a virtual hangout!

Today, a “hangout” has a whole new meaning that doesn’t necessarily involve getting together in the same room. If you have friends or family that can’t come to your home for a party, let them hangout with you via a live computer feed during your next gathering.
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TDS customers targeted by phishing scam

Have you seen it? The email that TDS is expanding your email quota? DELETE it! It’s a scam.
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Amy Wark with Wendy

Pequot Lakes ladies run for fun and fitness

Wendy Rickard’s, TDS senior coordinator-order management, desire to stay fit has become somewhat contagious at our Pequot Lakes, Minn. office.… more...
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