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On TV this week: Pirates, football and Academy Award-nominated films

This week we find a nice variety of films available on Movies on Demand. We’ve got Academy Award-nominated films, clever… more...
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nest protect

Friday tech news roundup

You'll never guess what the most common password is for 2013...or maybe you would! Also in the news this week: a newly discovered Google Chrome bug could make you vulnerable to being spied upon, Verizon appears to be entering the Internet TV market, check out a review of the Nest Protect, and Apple may soon be unveiling larger iPhones. Also, take the hottest quizzes going around Facebook and get the latest geek news on Sherlock and Top Gear.
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Xbox One Component Shelf

My first 48 with the Xbox One

>In one of my last blogs I provided youa review of Sony’s Playstation 4. Now, as promised and only slightly delayed (the holidays really crept up on me this year, sorry), here is my review of Microsoft's Xbox One.
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Curved 4K TVs at CES 2

CES in three words

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is where a slew of new electronics are released to set the stage for the next 12 months of geekdom. TDS Telecom’s Matt Apps, Manager of Product Management and Development, attended to learn about all the new technology and what customers will want to use with their Internet, TV, and voice services. Find out what three words Matt thought best described CES 2014.
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Seen On Pinterest: Winter Wanderlust

We’ve officially entered the doldrums of winter, one-third of the way through. And, simply judging by the number of times… more...
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Friday tech news roundup

This week Google tops the news with their purchase of Nest and their smart contacts for diabetics. Also hot? Target's data breach was rooted in malware located at their point-of-sale machines, you can build your own 35mm camera for only $35, and the movie "Her" is expected to have an interesting influence on tech design. Plus, be sure to watch for the MegaFon pavilion during the winter Olympic coverage—the side of it is pretty amazing (and we've got the video to prove it).
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What is Malware? Part 2

You turn on your computer and a message appears to tell you to update your Adobe Reader or iTunes or… more...
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The best of the “best of” lists from CES 2014

There was SO much coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the tech press it was difficult to keep up. This is why the “Best of” lists are so handy—they're the overall "takeaways" from this giant event. Check out what were the big hits and get some links to some of the best "Best of CES" lists.
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Oscar contenders highlight new Movies on Demand

The next couple of weeks offers some excellent movie viewing opportunities for TDS TV users via Video on Demand. Several… more...
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Winter weather challenges Technical Response teams

This week's polar vortex was just the latest weather hurdle for TDS Telecommunications Technical Response teams and support staff in New York, Maine, Michigan, and other areas of the U.S. Read how TDS has adapted and check out some storm photos.
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