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April Fools’ Day jokes to play on your kids

As my kids are 6, 4 and 4 I was looking for some fun pranks to pull on them this year. I found some great ideas thanks to Mike Spohr at BuzzFeed. For 31 awesome April Fools’ Day Pranks Your Kids will Totally Fall For. I've gathered a few of my favorites...
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Hue Lux

March 28: Friday tech news roundup

Oculus VR gets bought by Facebook for a jaw-dropping sum, Twitter adds new features, but you might not like the recently discovered "features" of two popular Google Play apps. Also, be sure to claim your Bitcoin correctly on your taxes, learn about some new lazy lightbulbs, and get some fun tech/geek news (you've gotta check out one guys Star Wars pipes!)
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How to reconnect with loved ones after severe weather

Spring is officially here! While it means warmer weather is here or on the horizon, it also means an increased risk for severe weather. If a storm hits while you are at work and your children are at school or daycare, how will you contact one another? How will you get back together? Head off any potential chaos before it happens by developing an Emergency Communication Plan.
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Seen On Pinterest: Ten Great Recipes For #MeatlessMonday

Embrace "meatless Monday!" There's something about coming home after a long start to the workweek and really kicking off your healthy eating with a flavorful meal that pays homage to all the great fresh foods your local grocer or market has to offer. It's far to easy to bake a chicken or grill a pork chop and pair it with a starch and a salad -- and of course, we mean #nodisrespect to the butcher. But #MeatlessMonday gives us a chance to do more, to expand our culinary horizons, and to ditch the salads and misconceptions of vegetarian and vegan culture that their food is anything but hearty, hale and wholly fulfilling.
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Is your cell phone causing “tech neck” wrinkles?

Having the latest gadgets may make us feel good but they are apparently giving us a "tech neck." In an age of constantly looking down to our hand-held screens, a new sign of aging is emerging. Clinicians are now noticing that this constant head-down posture is creating creases that ring around patient's necks. This new skin furrow has become the modern sign of aging, but there may be ways to help avoid it.
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UW Basketball by Richard Hurd

Streaming Madness on TDS TV®

It’s the time of year for the office to be taken over by ten thousand pieces of paper with brackets on them. That’s right, it’s college hoops tournament season. Find out how you can access all the games live with TDS TV.
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The 100 CW

Coming to your TV: “Frozen,” “American Hustle” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”

The next couple of weeks feature a strong cast of films coming to Movies on Demand, including several Oscar-nominated flicks. On television, get prepared to for a handful of season finales, as well as a few premieres.
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Friday tech news roundup

It's Pi Day today, and it was the Internet's 25th birthday on Wednesday. Find out some interesting Domain Name facts (no, that's not an oxymoron) in celebration. Lifehacker has a list of the five best Wi-Fi routers, the Vivofit fitness tracker by Garmin hits the market, and Flappy Bird *might* be coming back. Also, have you noticed the new look of Google search results? Google did a refresh this week, and Amazon is "refreshing" the cost of Amazon Prime by $20. Finally, get a blast from the past with some of the most popular chain emails that used to be popular back in the day.
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St. Patty’s Day Movie Suggestions

It’s March! Almost time for spring! That means… well, that means the ground will be sloppy with melting snow and mud, the molds and mess of winter all showing up. Not a great time to spend outside, so why not enjoy a nice movie at your place? Adding to that argument is March is the end of the “movie dump season,” where studios typically show movies that they no longer expect much profit from. Since you’ll have to wait for summer blockbusters and Oscar movies typically happen in the fall and winter, why not stay in and get your St. Patty’s Day celebrating started with one of these movies?
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Make this for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! How about making something with a bit of an Irish flare for dinner that night? Melynn shares two great recipes for you to consider: cream of reuben soup and Irish brown bread.
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