Tom Petty Full Moon Fever

Cheap Tunes Tuesday

Losing a loved one before their time is always hard—sometimes even if you never met them, like a favorite musician. While most readers have likely never spent time with Tom Petty in person, media everywhere yesterday afternoon was buzzing about him suffering from heart failure, and ultimately learning of his passing around 9 p.m. PT last night. Today’s post is in honor of Mr. Petty (1950-2017)
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MLBN 2017 DS Postseason_300x300

Catch the MLB Wild Card games on TDS TV®

The 2017 pennant chase is heating up and TDS TV® is your home for all of baseball. Post season starts NOW—and if you're an Expanded or Expanded Plus TDS TV subscriber, you can watch it all. Learn when to tune in—and where—so you'll catch all the action.
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Va-va-voom velvet accessories perfect for fall: Seen on Pinterest

Velvet is one of the hottest trends for fall 2017 fashion, but to many, sporting a head to toe velvet are looks fit more for runway than for real life. But you can get similar style and a look that's a total fall 2017 fashion trend by sporting velvet accessories.
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Weekly Tech News Roundup

This week: Companies are working together with Target teaming up with Lens technology from Pinterest and Google collaborating with Levi to make a smart jean jacket. In other tech news, the 140 character limit might be changing, Amazon has announced even more products, and a new Kickstarter project could change the traditional campfire.
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New Hampshire Telephone Museum-“Where History Talks”

Located in the TDS community of Warner, New Hampshire, this museum houses memorabilia that brings the history of telecommunications to life. It even
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Sun Prairie: What is symmetrical speed, and why should you (and your business) care?

While both asymmetrical and symmetrical speeds have their benefits, symmetrical is taking off as the future of internet connection with business demands continue to grow. Find out and how this TDS Fiber offering in Sun Prairie, Wis. will make your business and home life so much smoother and wait-free.
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Cheap Tunes Tuesday

Over 80 million albums sold worldwide. Surely if a band has that type of street cred, you listen to them on a regular basis. In fact, they’d probably be on the tip of your tongue every time you had a discussion about music. Today’s band might put that idea to the test. While you probably know them (and half their catalog)—they're not the household name you expect.
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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman comes to TDS TV on Demand

This week, TDS TV on Demand brings the epic story of Wonder Woman right to the comfort your living room. And if that’s not enough, we’ve got one of the smartest romantic comedies of the year (“The Big Sick”), the latest in the “Transformers” series, and the wonderful Sam Elliott in the drama “The Hero.”
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Billions of Bluetooth devices at risk

A new attack targeting devices such as phones, laptops, desktops, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices with Bluetooth could allow someone nearby to take control of your device without you noticing. Find out about this Blueborne attack and what you can do to stay clear.
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Showtime is on sale!

Showtime® is on sale! The kids are back at school, pumpkin spice everything is at the store, and soon the… more...
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