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SP Reading Buddy 2

Sun Prairie’s Newest Reading Buddy

Michael Theo recognizes the importance of getting involved in TDS service communities. In Sun Prairie, he takes time to read to a group of first graders every month.
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MLBN 2017 DS Postseason_300x300

Catch the MLB Wild Card games on TDS TV®

The 2017 pennant chase is heating up and TDS TV® is your home for all of baseball. Post season starts NOW—and if you're an Expanded or Expanded Plus TDS TV subscriber, you can watch it all. Learn when to tune in—and where—so you'll catch all the action.
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Weekly Tech News Roundup

This week: Companies are working together with Target teaming up with Lens technology from Pinterest and Google collaborating with Levi to make a smart jean jacket. In other tech news, the 140 character limit might be changing, Amazon has announced even more products, and a new Kickstarter project could change the traditional campfire.
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New Hampshire Telephone Museum-“Where History Talks”

Located in the TDS community of Warner, New Hampshire, this museum houses memorabilia that brings the history of telecommunications to life. It even
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Billions of Bluetooth devices at risk

A new attack targeting devices such as phones, laptops, desktops, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices with Bluetooth could allow someone nearby to take control of your device without you noticing. Find out about this Blueborne attack and what you can do to stay clear.
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Happy Birthday U.S. Air Force

Today the U.S. Air Force turns 70. Read some of our employees' stories from their time in service with the U.S. Air Force.
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Weekly Tech News Roundup

This week: Apple has officially announced the release of their new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which contains many new and exciting features! Also, Venmo is creating a debit card for users to access their account balances and Tesla plans to release an electric semi-truck, which could transform that truck driving industry!
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social media

How to create a social media will

Social media accounts play a big part in people's lives, so what happens to those accounts once you pass away? Find out how each social media platform will handle your account and figure out how to be proactive with your account settings.
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imposter scam

Watch out for imposter scams!

Scams and hacks are very prevalent in this digital age. Learn what the most common imposter scams are and how to avoid them!
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Labor Day Cookout Essentials!

It’s nearly September and Labor Day is just days away!  Originating in 1882, Labor Day is a national holiday celebrated… more...
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